1.  Patrick Anthony Keane QC
     from the High Court Judiciary
2. Barnaby Joyce MP from Politics!

Her Majesty's Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia as Her Majesty's Representative is hereby facing a CONSTITUTIONAL Crisis.
                                       (His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Ret'd))


Her Majesty's Governor of Queensland as Her Majesty's Represenative is now hereby facing a CONSTITUTIONAL Crisis.
                                                 (His Excellency Paul de Jersey QC, AC)

Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is the herein Beneficiary of a Succesfully Protested Bill of Exchange - An outstanding Public Debt. Which is still a fully outstanding Public Liability of the Commonwealth of Australia and is still accruing interest monthly; waiting for an Honourable or Honest Government to be elected given that their current Governor-General is also dishonourably remaining silent in contrevention of his and of their oath's of office.

Kenneth-Clyde Ivory IP Austalia Registered and is a successful market fruition proven INVENTOR, and is physically a living surving Victim of unlawful preditory boycotting perpatrated by and via officers of the Commonwealth.

But the resitution of Property owing to Ivory is still  Cabinet-Member public offer disclosure  unlawfully omitted from being disclosed and Governor-General and Reserve Bank of Australia unconstitutionally ignored by treasonous contempt. Ivory discriminately is still 23 years on a political football due officers of the Commonwealth frauds. 

Ivory thereby is still discrimunately and unconsionably a left-out and singled out Casualty of Telecom who is now a fully outstanding Major Creditor of the Commonwealth of Australia.

So why is Kenneth-Clyde Ivory still an undisclosed Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom (CoT) Victim and also thereby still a fully outstanding and fully politicially omitted Victim of Persecution by a cartel of officers of the Commonwealth of Australia; who as purported law makers have acted contrary to and outside of their own legislated purported laws and who remain to be politically acting in contrevention of the Constitution and are engaging in treasonous contempt in total breach of their own duly sworn oath of allegience given to Her Majesty to hold their offices of trust, but who clearly perjured themselves to collect their salaries, perks and retirement perks and who are thereby nothing more than a burden on tax payers.

So We Will Keep Fighting For Our Constitutional Rights to be Upheld on just terms as already Constitutionally Granted and Awarded by the Court of Jurisdiction pusuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) and as duly approved by Treasury and duly approved by Finance, as well as being Ministerially approved by the portfolio Minister Coonan without having to go back to any Courts to get paid.

Which binding undertakings to pay are in place; but, the Public Debt is still accruing until full resititution of Property is satisfied by Governor intervention.

Therefore the Governor-General and the Governor of Queensland (By their Governor duty) must now be Constitutionally fully complied forthwith via both of them, given that these herein matters are now EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES!

Because alternatively the penalty for any Governor's treasons contempt while in office would be in breach of their Governor's Constitutional oath's of allegiance duly given under oath in allegiance to Her Majesty, so if they refuse or if they simply keep ignoring to comply with Her Majesty's Notary Publics Prerogative Commanded Authority, Commands ordering performance.  

Therefore by either Governor's failure to comply with the already succesfully Protested two (2) seperate Bills of Exchange Public Debt's as both are fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and any Governor failure continues on their parts; it would be serious contempt of the Court of Faculties Jurisdictional Authority of Her Majesty, and could amount to abuse of public office and or corruption and treasonous misconduct on either or on each of the two said Governor's parts!

"Never let it be forgotten that throughout the History of the World right up to date, ALL the greatest CRIMES have been and are being perpetrated by, and in the name of, government.

After all past and present Government's do not 'grant' or 'bestow' the right and power to do justice: thereby upholding justice is the inherent duty of every citizen.

The universal supreme common law recognises and provides for the fact that the people have an eternal obligation to enforce common law and protect themselves from lawlessness and injustices inflicted by criminals who acquire positions of power or government.

The secular morality of natural law, and of the traditional pan-European Legem Terrae Common Law (as expressed in Article 61 of Magna Carta), installs the People in perpetuity as the legal force to police, arrest, indict, try, punish and otherwise obtain redress over wrongdoers acting unconstitutionally as, or in the name of Government."

Published on Nov 11, 2016
Anonymous Message to Australia and it's Corrupt Government


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Name: Gerrit H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.
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Patrick, did you ever consider if the sale of Telstra was unconstitutional as s69 transfer the telecommunication/postal services to the commonwealth on a permanent basis and the Framers of the Constitution embedded in the constitution a legal principle that services were not to be put in private hands?

Hansard 7-4-1891 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention), QUOTE Mr. DEAKIN: Within or without State boundaries. How can it be said that South Australia is more competent to administer the postal affairs of its Northern Territory than they would be administered from a central capital? Or how can it be said that the European mails for the extreme west country of New South Wales could not be better dealt with by the use of railways and means of transport through South Australia?

Looking at the postal and telegraphic business of the continent of Australia from a purely business aspect, from the practical side of affairs, it appears to me that we are more likely to have satisfactory and complete communication if it be regarded as one whole and worked from the most convenient centres, without regard to State limitations. I say in answer to Mr. Holder that his illustration in regard to Western Australia proves nothing if we may rely upon American experience. If there has been one great federal success it has been the American post office, and if there is one regret in their politics it is that the American telegraphic service is not also in the hands of the Government.

The telegraphic service is in private hands, and the regret is widespread. I can say, from a short experience of some of the least settled and most distant territories of the West of the United States, that the postal communication there is much more complete than I have been accustomed to find in outlying districts of these colonies under their present State management. The National Government at Washington, 3,000 miles away, separated by a whole continent, has proved itself more liberal in its treatment of the people of the Far West than have the Governments of Australia proved themselves in regard to our back block settlements.

In America the post office has been a great administrative, financial, and popular success; and any man who would propose to-day to hand that service over to other than to State administration would find that his proposition was short-lived. We may have greater difficulties to surmount than they have, but there is no reason why the Commonwealth of Australia should not also achieve a conspicuous success in this direction. The arguments used by my hon. friend Mr. Barton with regard to the difficulties arising from a divided control of the telegraph wires appear to be conclusive.

It would be almost impossible to make arrangements as perfect and as economical for either postal or telegraphic services [start page 771] within Australia if you retain State boundaries, and it will certainly be more difficult to make arrangements for the extra-Australian services if you are called upon to consider State claims and demands, instead of only considering the real practical wants of the localities immediately concerned.

It appears to me a desirable thing as a matter of practical business to transfer both of the services to which I have alluded to the Federal Government. We shall not place too great a burden on the federal authority, and the whole population will be better served than they now are or than remote districts can be by State authority. Placing the means of communication in the hands of the Federal Government will probably permit of that universal reduction of postage and cable rates which is one of the first demands of the commercial interest throughout Australia. The experience of our own colony is that the present cable rates are almost prohibitive. but by a satisfactory combination of the cable and postal services, with unity of administration, we shall be able to secure an immediate reduction in those charges, as well as in postal rates, and give the people of Australia better services than those they now possess.

Sir PHILIP FYSH: Every postal conference that has been held for years past has tendered a report suggesting that the postal and telegraphic services should be federated. Year by year conferences are necessary in order to keep ourselves in touch with what is going on and to keep pace with development. The clause of the 1891 Bill, transferring the control of post and telegraph offices, was largely for the reason that the losses amounting to £200,000 per annum, incurred by some States were for the benefit of the whole, and therefore should be of federal concern. That state of accounts has since altered, and South Australia, in 1891 the chief loser, and Tasmania, also an important loser, have both since secured profit in these departments, but much services as posts and telegraphs have by means of the postal conferences of postmasters annually, and by their reports, sought to establish uniformity, and tended strongly to support this federal purpose.

The cost of cable subsidies has already been divided intercolonially, and the completion of federal services will tend to support the "United Australia" purpose of the people. Nothing has a greater tendency to perfect your union than one postage stamp for Australasia. Uniform postal rate is also desirable; whereas in Tasmania, in a given radius from the General Post Office, the rate is one penny, in South Australia and Victoria twopence is uniform, whether across the street or to the end of their territorial limit. Mr. Deakin's reference to extra-colonial or over-sea services will remind representatives of the fact that the federal authority will, if only oversea services are of federal concern, as Mr. Holder suggests, pay the contractors, and that the revenue will be collected by the local or State authorities.

The details of departmental works, such as the pay of postmasters and opening new offices in outlying districts, will by federal authority be settled upon the recommendations of the Local or State Secretary of the department in the Federation. To be compelled at the present moment to supply ourselves with Adelaide stamps, or if you are travelling in Tasmania with Tasmanian stamps, if; always inconvenient to that section of the public which is of a migratory character. We have also to consider that as far as our revenues are concerned they come in unequal proportions from the various contributors.

In Tasmania we give in the city and suburbs the advantage of a penny service; but here, and I think in Victoria also, they have the same rate in the city and suburbs as throughout their territory, and I think if the federal spirit is to be generated by a Constitution of this kind, and if we wish to continue the belief that we are one people, we will do much in, this direction by providing a uni- [start page 772] form postal and telegraphic service.

Under these circumstances our various conferences have invariably tended in this direction, and hence during the last few years we have pooled all our cable subsidies. It was only natural that we should so pool them, as we in Tasmania were bearing more than our share, and we recognise that South Australia was giving to the people of Australia a large amount of work for which she was inadequately recompensed. We have reversed the position, and we are no longer losing by the postal service as we were in 1891. South Australia and Tasmania have altered their positions, but that is no reason that the remainder, now that our total loss has been reduced to about £80,000, should not pool the service which brings in contact every home throughout Australia. Then you have the money order system also, under which commission is charged in each colony, but if it were pooled, we would be able to distribute the money of a majority of our people at a lower rate than we do at the present time, which is within the scope of some future Treasurer or postmaster to propose.

This advantage can be better secured to the people generally by Federation than it otherwise can be, and therefore I hope that we will respect the opinion of 1891. END QUOTE Hansard 17-4-1891 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention).

QUOTE Mr. ISAACS: I would like to put my view to Mr. Barton for a moment. The object of clauses 46 and 47 is to prevent members of Parliament from using their public positions for their private benefit. These clauses as they stand do not carry [start page 747] out that object.

They leave the man in possession of the position which his membership has obtained. They say to him, "If you accept a position for your personal advantage you must not sit in Parliament any longer."   Mr. GLYNN: But we do not admit that is the object of the Act.

Mr. ISAACS: The object is no doubt to prevent personal interest coming into conflict with public duty.   

Mr. BARTON: I think it is to prevent practical bribery. END QUOTE Gerrit

About Cabinet-Tactics
SUCCESSFULLY NOTARIAL PROTESTED: The Beneficiary (Kenneth-Clyde Ivory) has a successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange against the Commonwealth of Australia evidencing this herein referred to public debt; which accruing interest public debt is still fully owing to Ivory. 

The 7 February 2005 duly issued bill of exchange's principal sum certain amount of quantum owing is pursuant to a December 2004 expert accountancy firm’s independently loss assessed and fully quantified principal sum certain amount owing. 

That just said independnt loss assesment report is in good faith fully  enclosed within the 7 February 2005 duly sealed and issued Bill of Exchange, being the principal sum certain amount currently owing; but which  does now additionally include the still accruing interest.

Plus the accruing public debt sum certain amount additionally includes the said Bill's officially recorded 2006 Telstra 3 Commonwealth shares Lien encumberance.

Additionally the Commonwealth's Telstra shares dividend payments are also still an accruing public debt as duly assigned on 4 September 2006 to the Bill's Beneficiary by the Finance Minister's Office at Parliament House Canberra; duly assigned to be accrue until paid in full to the Beneficiary in addition to the Bill's principle sum and in addition to the Bill's accruing interest since the 7 September 2006 when the said dividend assignment was investigated and was then officially independently duly certified and verified under the court of jurisdiction duly affixed seal of office after investigations by a Notary Public in Canberra who then converted that assignment into a duly sealed Notarial Instrument, therein officialy witnessing the Ministerial Accepted and binding valitity by officially and independently court verifying and certifying the accruing Telstra 3 shares Commonwealth then held share dividends assignments validity.  The Protested bill and the still accruing Share dividend assignment do not expire until each are fully satisfied.
By Defective Administrative & Reckless Misbehaviour on the parts of conflicts of interests by Chiefs-of-Staff and Cabinet-Members of the Howard Coalition Government which unconsionable wrongdoings did directly result in the need for the 7 February 2005 Bill of Exchange public debt being duly issued and officially duly sealed as was latter SUCCESSFULLY NOTARIAL PROTESTED, pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth).

Which still accruing public debt is still fully unpaid in October 2016; resultant from many, many years of revolving governments conflicts of interests and seriously Defective Administration by Cabinet-Members, and also by other officers of the Commonwealth engaging in consecutive and serious unconscionable wrongdoings as were wilfully engaged in so as to tactically and predatorily inflict further undue financial detriments and harm on the Beneficiary and harm on his family, and alternatively these combined accruing public debts combined total sum certain amount owing are now also alternatively owing as ex-gratia sum combined total certain amount owing, pursuant to Financial Management & Accountability Act 1997 (Cth) with and or without the successfully Notarial Protested Bill and with and or without the Bill’s Notarial Lien and with or without the full set of Notarial Financial Instruments; but the bill and its instruments are all still validly binding until fully satisfied in good faith and honourably.

UNCONSIONABLE DISCRIMINATION: Negligently occurred because, at least eight (8) other independent CoT and or CoT related Victims were each paid-out in restitution of their Property, when they were each politically chosen to be paid out in restitution by and from Commonwealth Public Funds; that was right back in 1999 to 2003; but each of those other Eight (8) CoT and CoT related Victims were each paid-out without having had independent loss assessments or any valid independent public debt quantifications and were each paid out without any of them having any successfully Protested Bill of Exchange and without having any liens or any dividend payment assignments being assigned to them. = Defective Administration!

LEGAL PRECEDENTS:  Legal Precedents was thereby Political Party set in 1999 to 2003 pursuant to the Financial Management & Accountability Act 1997 (Cth) as ex-gratia payments were thereby paid without any of the Eight (8) CoT and CoT related Victims having had any Successful Notarial Protest and without any independently loss assessed and quantum sum certain amount owing, and without any Court Jurisdictional Awards, or any Court Judgments in favour of any of those 1999 to 2003 public paid-out Eight (8) other CoT Victims.
We will constitutionally fight & expose their treasonous wilful  Political Party insider trading and market manipulation frauds, unconstitutionally perpetrated to fund their own superannuations out of funds duly assigned to be paid to Kenneth-C Ivory.

We believe constitutional prerogative authority intervention  by and via the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia interventing into these Exceptional Circumstances will now finally guarantee restitution of Property will now constitutionally be paid to the Beneficiary on just terms, humanely & forthwith.
Her Majesty’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove has totally dishonourably and unconstitutionally failed in his duty to constitutional intervene in this matter despite constitutionally the ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ created by twenty three (23+) years of ‘Administrative Neglect’ and his Excellency has remained fully silent up to this date and time; despite him receiving numerous notices detailing this fully outstanding and over due ‘critical matter’.

Which unconscionable non-performance thereby appears to be on His Excellency’s part as Her Majesty’s Representative but who is contrary to law is intentionally engaged in wilful misconduct which is thereby being committed in perhaps treasonous contempt of and for Her Majesty, and of and for Her Majesty’s Court of Faculties jurisdiction, and/or in contempt of and for Her Majesty’s Notary Publics due to Notaries having to be Church of England and His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove being Roman Catholic, and the Chief Justice who swore the Governor-General in to office is also a Roman Catholic as is the Prime Minister who gave His Excellency the job of being Her Majesty’s Representative as each of their religious beliefs are thereby constitutionally gross conflicts of interests; as the Governor-General was officially sworn-in to hold office as Her Majesty’s Representative, but Notaries in this herein fully outstand CoT Public Debt matter; the Notaries retained were each Notarial sworn-in via Her Majesty’s Church of England, Faculty, Head Office of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, situated at: 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1 P3JT, the Court of Faculties Head Office.  Indeed Westminster Abbey is Church of England a “Royal Peculiar” Church responsible direct to the Sovereign.

The Court of Faculties is the Church of England’s Court of Faculties has Jurisdiction for the herein Successfully Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange, and that Court’s ancient authorities are invested in Her Majesty’s Notary Publics; whose ancient but still fully valid authorities in this bill of exchange’s ‘critical matters’; is, pursuant to the bills of exchange Act 1909 (Cth).  His Excellency thereby needs to perform or resign from office?

Thereby, it may be considered that by Sir Peter Cosgrove’s failure to compliantly resolve this ‘critical matter’ yet, means that His Excellency therefore currently is wilfully aiding and abetting the herein outlined political crimes facilitated by and for implicated corrupt past and present officers of the Commonwealth.

Moreover, when I was in 2006 at the above stated address in London, the Head Church of England Faculty Office, Officer a Senior Lawyer asked me to go and see their main retained firm of ‘Scrivener Notaries’, which I did.   In good faith, I presented the originals of my bill of exchange and of it’s (up to then) set of ‘Financial Instruments’ including its ‘Notarial Certificate’ encumbrances duly recorded under seal as Court placed officially over the Commonwealth’s 2006 Held Telstra Shares; for the Scrivener Notary’s to give me their expert examination and professional legal advice on the validity or invalidity of my Notarized Set of Instruments. 

The ‘Scriveners’ examined each of them and asked me questions. I honourably answered and showed supporting facts.  At the end of that lengthy meeting the ‘Scrivener Notaries’ present each congratulated me, saying the Notaries and I had brilliantly, and successfully taken some very ancient law, and some not so ancient law and some newer law, but all are perfectly valid and binding law they said.

Then the ‘Scrivener Notaries’ advised me; that, the Commonwealth of Australia must pay me the principal sum certain amount owing plus all still accruing interest and that the accruing debt sum certain does not extinguish until fully satisfied.

The ‘Scrivener Notaries’ further advised me that I may need to wait until we get an honourable and or an honest Government of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

Apparently, His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove as a Roman Catholic thereby did not swear in an honourable and or an honest Government following the recent 2016 federal election.  That does not relieve His Excellency of his legal and constitutional obligation to now ensure that the Government he swore in for well knowing of these facts before he swore them in, so he must ensure they now uphold the law and to act at all times honourably and honestly specifically in relation to this still fully outstanding Commonwealth CoT victim ‘critical matter’.   In this hereby: ‘Constitutional Crisis’!

Critical facts in summary: Include, that it was not me, but it was officers of the Commonwealth of Australia themselves, who had branded, recognised, and had internally labelled Ivory as being a CoT Victim. Thereby since 1993, Ivory has been defrauded and politically mistreated as if invisible to the current Governor-General and to each of his predecessors and to the Government’s of the Commonwealth of Australia, but who each were appointed by successive Governors-Generals, despite Ivory being told by politicians over these years that they acknowledge the debt and that Ivory will be paid in full restitution of his Property without need for Ivory to go back into any courts to get paid.

In fact, One Nation’s now former Hon. Senator Len Harris, witnessed this being ministerially promised to me by the then Portfolio Minister, and then the Commonwealth’s Major Telstra Shareholder, the Hon. Senator Helen Coonan right back on the 8 February 2005, as did another first-hand witness.

However, they have unconstitutionally each politically left Ivory fully out of any other CoT victim’s commercial settlements, and discriminately ignored Ivory’s human rights in not just 1997 and 1999 but also in 2006 Commonwealth Telstra share sale floats, and they wilfully omitted to disclose that Ivory was and that Ivory is in 2016/17 still a fully outstanding Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom (CoT) victim Creditor of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

However, Ivory has noted that at least eight (8) other CoT Victims were by Commonwealth Public Funds paid-out in restitution of their Property in 1999 to 2003.

Resultant by back in 1996 right at Christmas Time, it was a Telecom officer of the Commonwealth (a STEPHEN JOHN MEAD) who maliciously swore a materially false Complaint to illegally perpetrate fraudulent white collar crimes of predatorily boycotting and industrial sabotage by having had Ivory in front of his Wife and Young Children ‘Falsely Apprehended’, ‘Wrongfully Arrested’ & ‘Falsely Imprisoned’ all in Total Deprivation of Ivory’s Human & Civil Liberties; all without any Warrant & without any Police Interview & without any Separations of Powers.  Various Governor-General’s and various Attorney-General’s and others have been noticed of those wrongdoings, but have not fulfilled obligations to take corrective actions.

All was systemically perpetrated by MEAD and by strategically and tactically positioned officers of the Commonwealth who specifically concealed those 1996 to 2010 CoT mishandling frauds strategically, wrongfully and falsely committed by years and years of such unconscionable crimes committed by involved officers of the Commonwealth who wilfully engaged in maliciously perjuring themselves, and by gross misuse and abuse of combined judicial powers to illegally and unconstitutionally perpetrate their crimes; all designed to persecute and destroy Ivory’s business standing and reputation globally not just nationally with their systemic and collusively engaged in criminal intent premeditated crimes committed to maliciously keep inflicting maximum ongoing loss, injury and damage to financially destroy Ivory and Ivory’s National and International businesses markets, and to financially profit themselves from proceeds of their crimes as officers of the Commonwealth while also partners in their own Law firm.  Honourable men would not those gross conflicts of interests; but, not Catholic Governor-General’s or Catholic Prime Ministers!

Past Cabinet members, strategically STACKED and RIGGED not just the Judiciary, to pervert the course of justice without affording any separations of powers, but also to pervert the Australian Stock Exchange (the ASX), ASIC, the ACCC, the RBA Board, and the APRA board and the ACMA, by Stacking & Rigging their bosses, to collusively assist themselves as dishonourable Cabinet members to thereby collectively deceive and mislead Telstra share float investors and We the People by them falsely manipulating the Stock Markets Globally and by having wilfully defrauded Ivory. 

Cabinet members engaged in dishonest, illegal insider trading and market manipulation frauds during the Commonwealth’s Telstra share floats by proceeding to sell off encumbered shares ‘without market and without public disclosure’ of Ivory’s set of financial encumbrances duly placed and recorded under seal over the Commonwealth’s, then, Telstra held T3 float shares, being dumped without any full and or proper financial liability disclosures; so that they would procure falsely over-inflated share sale converted revenue, and which share price manipulated and converted FUTURE FUND held funds, in law, are funds still owing to Ivory, but, then instead of paying what was back then accrued to owing to Ivory, they instead stole Ivory’s funds into the FUTURE FUND to fraudulent misuse funds owing Ivory; so as to be able to pay themselves superannuation out of those 8 February 2005 & 09 March 2006 instruments encumbered funds which were also duly assigned to be paid to Ivory since the 4th September 2006 to largely be paid to Ivory.  Moreover, the purported Commonwealth’s FUTURE FUND was not established by Treasurer Peter Costello MP until late April 2006 to try and get around these facts.

The Commonwealth’s Telstra purported share floats were perpetrated by and occurred by wilfully fraudulent insider trading & market manipulation crimes fraudulently perpetrated by Cabinet members during the Commonwealth’s own Telstra share floats, so that they could and can themselves now be able to profit by and from the proceeds of their own market manipulation fraud, theft, and crimes, to fund themselves in their own retirements via the purported FUTURE FUND.

Officer of the Commonwealth, Telstra Directors, Judiciary and Cabinet Members also collusively engaged in acting in abuse of and in misuse of Legal Proceedings for over the last two (2) decades, and were crimes perpetrated by officers of the Commonwealth to further injure and defraud Ivory, strategically designed to wilfully pervert & conceal the truth by defeating & perverting the course of justice, all for their own political ends.

Those political wrongdoings were and still are very serious White-Collar-Crimes that have been committed by dishonest officers of the Commonwealth to falsely character-assassinate Ivory, their herein victim; and to hinder and delay to pay restitution of Property owing to Ivory on just terms. By now even the current Roman Catholic Governor-General’s total silence, he thereby is now aiding and abetting in protecting and concealing the herein outlined past crimes and their criminality from the Authorities and from the voting public and from stock markets globally.

Everybody has a birth right to reach their full potential without such political and predatory boycotting and without such political persecution being strategically and falsely committed to omit making any full and proper market and public investor disclosures, all are political crimes by Cabinet Members to delay paying restitution of Property owing to Ivory is very serious unconscionable misconduct on their parts in abuse of public office for political party gains, by concealing the true level of debt owing by the Commonwealth of Australia; thereby committed by Cabinet Members etc repeatedly handballing me to the next Government; ever since 1993. No one has had the necessary integrity to do their job.

Their past fraudulent wrongdoings in 2017 are still being unconscionably covered-up by current Cabinet members and by implicated officers of the Commonwealth of Australia including by, the Governor-General, by his own total silence for the last six plus months, month in month out.

It is reported that Prime Minister Turnbull recently said in New York:-

                         “We are not defined by race, religion or culture, but by shared political values
                          of democracy, the rule of law, and equality of opportunity – a ‘fair go’.”

However, the salient fact is that Ivory does have a Successfully Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange public debt owing to Ivory; as duly awarded to be paid to Ivory by the Commonwealth of Australia, and duly signed to be paid to Ivory by Treasury and by Finance and Ministerial; so repeatedly Ivory has been politically assured and also assured by officers of the Commonwealth who have told  Ivory, he will be paid, and Ministerially promised Ivory will be paid without having to go back into any courts to get paid in restitution of Ivory’s Property as a fully outstanding CoT victim.

Ivory is not like other CoT's who got paid out in 1999 to 2003 or before or after then and who are still going back wanting more pay outs, the salient fact is that Ivory has never been paid even one single cent yet.  Barnaby Joyce in 2005-06 wanted Ivory to get a falsified report for a much lesser sum while Senator Joyce now DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER was trying to get more money for the others who were paid out in 1999 to 2003, but was rightly trying to get more for others who prior to 1999 CoT five getting paid up to $27.7 million between them according to Telstra 1 float disclosures, but the earlier ones got defrauded with pittances by dishonourable lawyers doing shonky back door deals with crooked officers of the Commonwealth.   Officers of the Commonwealth have no problem's paying retainer bribes to corrupt lawyers and corrupt legal counsel etc.

Hence, the accruing public debt to be paid to Ivory from via the RBA Acceptor Bank; in compliance with the 18 February 2014 Notarial issued and stand alone financial instrument headed as an: ‘Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands’ as is officially recorded & duly awarded in Ivory favour against the Commonwealth of Australia; and the accruing sum certain amount of OVERDUE Public Debt owing by the Commonwealth of Australia, as evidenced by the bill and its binding set of Financial Instruments do not extinguish until all is first fully satisfied irrevocably.

Ivory has also been officially given several Treasury and Finance duly executed warrants of undertakings for Ivory to be paid.  

So why has Sir Peter Cosgrove, unconstitutionally thus far been unjustly denying Ivory a “fair go?”

Thus far Ivory has not even received any invites from the Governor-General, the Treasurer, the Finance Minister and or from the Prime Minister to meet face-to-face to commercially remedy this ‘critical matter’.

In February 1994, Ivory successfully had Patent Protections locked-in for some of Ivory’s INVENTIONS, which INVENTIONS were then successfully registered in 93 Peace Treaty Countries, not just within the Commonwealth of Australia.  The patents were applied for prior to Ivory finding the 1800 prefix systemic Commonwealth Exchange network conditioning failure and then computer billing insufficient capacity systemic faults on and from the 11 May 1994.   

The facts tend to prove that the strategic positioning of the current  Governor-General and of the Governor of Queensland  who by their religions have allegiences to a foreign power which conflict with their oath's of allegience to our Constitutional Monarchy Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second as both are remaing silent as if they are both treasonously and unconstitutionally STACKED & RIGGED by Cabinet Members selections like the Howard Coalition Government Cabinet-Members did when they corruptly STACKED & RIGGED  the misrunning of the ASX, ASIC, ACCC, and Stacked and Rigged the misrunning of the TIO Limited and of the ACMA with Mallesons lawyers.

Which were Stacked and Rigged strategically by Dishonourable Cabinet-Members to in bad faith ensure to strategically and criminally get the purported Telstra 3 share sale false and NOT yet signed off purported Commonwealth Telstra Prospectus which omit to disclose very substantive outstanding financial liabilities owing, hence they were wilfully and frauduently omitted from being disclosed in 1997, 1999 and in 2006 and ever since to wilfully keep concealing substantive libabilities which are still accruing so as to intentionally deceive, mislead and defraud creditors, investors and the Stock Makets Globally, so as to be able to fund their own superannuations otherwise black-hole deficets by Cabinet-Members Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds, being now wilfully concealed by the current Governor-General and Governor of Queensland. Thereby monthly increasing the public debt owing by the deceived Tax Payers! 

That it was on the 1 September 1993 when the Commonwealth of Australia’s agency Telecom–Telstra’s officers of the Commonwealth’s advertised and had notified their 008 refix subscribers that was to be the official implementation commencement date for all 008 prefix subscribers numbers at Salisbury on the South Side of Brisbane EXCHANGE to be officially network conditioned on to allow the Commonwealth’s newly designated 008 prefix Commonwealth of Australia Austel compulsory changeover date to start using the newly designated new 1800 prefix numbers (1800 777 592 was designated to Ivory’s Solar-Mesh Businesses) to be commenced being advertise and used in Lue of the to be withdrawn Commonwealth’s old defective 008 prefix number ranges network-wide so as to allow their old 008 prefix numbers to commence being withdrawn from service Australia-Wide. 

However, on the 5 November 1993 sixty six (66) days latter a Telecom officer of the Commonwealth a trusted Mr. Creg Newbold the Group Communications Manager of Commercial & Consumer wrote an Internal Memo to another Telecom trusted officer of the Commonwealth a Mr. Harvey Parker Group Managing Director – Commercial and Consumer and c.c: David Oertle Chief Operating Officer – Commercial and Consumer another Telecom trusted officer of the Commonwealth therein formally ADMITTING and OFFICIALLY NOTICING and ADVISING in writing and thereby BLOWING THE WHISTLE OF in summary:


Serious 1800 problems;

Defects preventing the collection of customer calls;

Recorded voice announcements saying that the service is unavailable;

Also Post Dialling Delay which means that a subscribers customer will think their call hasn’t gone through and will hang up;

Software change is required to fix part of the Dialling Delay Problem;
Issues of non-connected calls leading to RVAs = (Recorded Voice Announcements) is also being dealt with;

Bruce has been informed that a Queensland customer (subscriber) is seeking compensation for an extensive 1800 advertising campaign which allegedly didn’t work and Bruce is further advised that there are many other customers;

The matter requires fixing at a national network level not just on a fault by fault basis;

Also raises the question whether we should be actively promoting 1800 in the current circumstances.  End of Quotes.
   Given the 15 December 2016 Jail Sentencing
           of Eddie Obeid for: ‘Misconduct in Public Office’
 So we at Cabinet-Tactics do in good faith
hereby NOTICE all Authorities Nationally

and all Authorities Globally about the
herein Exposed 
Common Law Wilful Acts of:
‘Misconduct in Public Office’
Perpetrated By:

The 1996 – 2007 Prime Minister John Winston Howard, and by his brother (the now late) Stanley Howard.    Standley Howard was the Chairman of the MSJ law firm partnership until he retired at age 65 years in 1995.    Stanley Howard was replaced by a dual income competing loyalty David Hoare; and Hoare was at the same time also the Chairman of Telstra, so Hoare was a Telecom-Telstra employed officer of the Commonwealth. Thereby from 1995 to 2000, Hoare an officer of the Commonwealth was the Chairman of the Mallesons Stephen Jaques law firm partnership, (MSJ) now known as King and Wood Mallesons (KWM). 

All while MSJ were on Telecom-Telstra Commonwealth Public Funded retainer bribes in this outstanding CoT matter from at least mid May 1994 to 2010.  Moreover MSJ were being paid Commonwealth Public Funds on Telstra retainer bribes to further harm and defraud Ivory without any Tendering Process, because Hoare and Mead were both partners in MSJ while Telstra employed officers of the Commonwealth; who were both from within Telstra engaged in misconduct in public office in abuse of public trust to ensure they both dual profited from the proceeds of their crimes by retaining at public expense their own law firm partnership from within Telecom-Telstra.

John Winston Howard MP was also a MSJ lawyer before politics, as was Peter Howard Costello MP, and as was Josh Frydenberg MP, and as was Paul Fletcher MP and even Telstra’s Bruce Akhurst, Tony D'Alisio, Douglas Gration, John Armstrong, and Stephen Mead etc and all thereby strategically became Telecom-Telstra employed officers of the Commonwealth, Human rights Commissioner Julian Trigg, and the head of the ACMA and the head of the ASX and ASIC etc are all Ex-MSJ Lawyers, as are many of the involved various courts judiciary of past and present as were various implicated Chief Justices etc. 

David Hoare was thereby the dual hat conflicting loyalty and dual competing income MSJ Chairman from 1995; and Hoare, was also at the same point in time still the Commonwealth Government appointed Telstra Corporation Limited Chairman all at the same point in time until 2000, all while MSJ were retained on Public Funded retainer bribes to protect TELSTRA & MEAD for their 23 December 1996 maliciously wilful and well planned and premeditated crimes of having perpetrated their still indictable crimes by MEAD having wilfully and maliciously sworn materially false statements under oath with premeditated criminal intent in abuse of legal process to criminally and illegally set-out to put in train a process to have a maliciously bogus false apprehension to occur, and a wrongful arrest to occur and false imprisonment to occur all to be committed via induced State of Queensland Police Officers

Those 23 December 1996 crimes were perpetrated maliciously, fraudulently and bogusly in total deprivation of human and civil liberties, and right at Christmas time, all perpetrated falsely and illegally without any valid warrant, and without any police interview and without any factual cause and without any valid cause whatsoever; other, than for premeditated malicious and wilful abuse of combined powers and in total abuse of public office positions, as Stephen Mead and Paul Fletcher were Politically and Ministerially aligned and collusive corrupt officers of the Commonwealth of Australia, who were collectively and wilfully trying to destroy Ivory to try and avoid Public Funds having to be paid in restitution of Property as still is accruing and is still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory for  Ivory’s Solar-Mesh® businesses 1800 prefix Commonwealth owned Telephone Exchange’s 1993 to 1994 internal Telephone Exchange systemic fault network conditioning failures, and followed then by a further systemic failure of having insufficient capacity in the newly issued 1800 prefix defective computer billing capacity systemic faults; thereby unduly inflicting financial and personal adversities, which resulted in their cartel inflicting undue national incoming business loss, injure and damage to Ivory and his Solar-Mesh® businesses, and subsequent not just national but also international loss, injury and damage in 93 Peace Treaty Countries, by illegal withdrawal of all telecommunication services to fully stop Ivory’s cash flows and income so Ivory could NOT be able to fund necessary level of legal representation to obtain restitution of Property in their Stacked and Rigged corporate purported Courts, which equals predatory boycotting by misconduct in public office being perpetrated in breach of public trust against Ivory and against his inventions markets since 1993 to 2016-17, even by the current State Governor and Governor-General downwards via the Turnbull Coalition Government.  Mead was Turnbull’s Victorian head of their Republican Movement in the 1999 failed referendum. 

All Board Members of the Commonwealth’s Telecom-Telstra and it’s Commonwealth owned subsidiaries downwards right through the ranks including all implicated phone directory officers etc, were at all material times employed as officers of the Commonwealth.  Indeed John Stanhope when he finished at Telstra in late 2011 as it Chief Financial Officer and a Director; well after the 2006 Telstra three share float, Stanhope’s own superannuation upon his eventual retirement will largely be funded from the Commonwealth’s FUTURE FUND, which largely is thereby payable to Stanhope from funds owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; which FUTURE FUND held Commonwealth funds are owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory according to law from well before the Commonwealth’s Telstra three share float as accruing since 1993 until fully satisfied, and from well before the FUTURE FUND scam it self was ever created by Peter Costello MP.   The FUTURE FUND creation was in late April 2006. John Stanhope is currently the Chairman of the Commonwealth’s Australia Post; by more politic party rewards for his time at Telstra defrauding Ivory and Ziggy Switkowski etc are rewarded by heading the Commonwealth’s NBN Co.  

Thereby as officers of the Commonwealth they are each to profiting from the proceeds of their FUTURE FUND funding crimes; which crimes, were wilfully perpetrated against Ivory, his family and against his PATENTED INVENTIONS 93 Peace Treaty Countries Business Markets, as those Commonwealth Telstra three share float holdings dividend funds on the 4th September 2006, were Finance Ministerial Office duly assigned to be paid to Ivory in addition to the principal sum owing in the 7 February 2005 bill of exchange, and in addition to the accruing interest thereon via the 09 March 2005 recorded lien over those Telstra three Commonwealth held shares, owing on the Commonwealth’s Telstra three shares dividends assigned to be additionally paid to Ivory.

Clearly such gross conflicting loyalty breaches of Public Trust are akin to Misconduct in Public Office perpetrated by and or for a cartel of ongoing protected officers of the Commonwealth; which, scandalous conduct used, does simply keep breeding more and more misconduct in public office.

Their combined planning to ‘Keep the Lid’ on this CoT matter, was and is not only politically and corporately discriminate; but, it was and is misconduct in public office perpetrated wilfully in total betrayal of Public Trust; by them Stacking and Rigging the misrunning of the ASX, ASIC, ACCC, ACMA, TIO Ltd, APRA, RBA Board, Telstra board, the AFP and political party preselected politicians; their perpetrators are very well rewarded and are political party protected from prosecution, unlike N.S.W former powerbroker Eddie Obeid, who was sentenced to imprisonment on 15 December 2006 for much lesser betrayals of Public Trust; which 1993 to 2016 crimes have been committed against Ivory by and or for Elected and Non-Elected public officers of the Commonwealth and or via their public funded and corruptly retainer bribed and over paid Stacked and Rigged MSJ law firm mates, acting with absolutely no separations of power whatsoever to profit from the proceeds of their crimes for decades by their well planed abuses of legal processes. 

David Hoare after the Telstra two share float he was made the ASX competing loyalty Chairman, to get ready for the Commonwealth’s pre-planned Telstra three purported share float’s scurrilous and unconscionable insider trading and market manipulation frauds to be concealed by an element of scandal.  Hoare was strategically positioned as the ASX Chairman for the 2006 Telstra three Share Float scandalous share float cover-up ploy & fiasco.

But, none of them mentioned and exposed herein above, not even one of them has yet shown any remorse whatsoever, nor have they been investigated or charged by any authorities with and or for their gross misconducts in public office, committed in total breach of public trust by colluded insider trading and market manipulation frauds, and not even one of the other implicated Howard Coalition Cabinet Members have been investigated and or charged; but instead each keep getting rewarded with career advancements; as per powerbroker Paul Fletcher now a Member of Parliament despite being an Ex-Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Lawyer) (MSJ-KWM) and Fletcher was the 1996 to 2000 Chief of Staff to Senator Richard Alston, the Communications Minister; while, Stephen John Mead another MSJ lawyer was seconded by Howard & Hoare into Telstra full time from mid May 1994.

Mead was thereby working full time in-house employed as an officer of the Commonwealth within Telecom-Telstra from mid may 1994 to mishandle Ivory’s 1800 prefix systemic fault complaints, and Mead then somehow became a financial partner in the MSJ law firm partnership on 1st January 1996 of which MSJ Partnership David Hoare was the Chairman of while also the Chairman of Telstra; and while Mead and Hoare was both still working full time at Telstra and Mead was full time as Telstra’s in-house Deputy General Legal Counsel.  So we have two officers of the Commonwealth in breach of public trust also being partners in the MSJ Partnership while from within Telstra creating ploys to fund their partnership to profit from their combined gross crimes by their misconduct in public office. 

Bruce Akhurst was a Managing partner of MSJ; and then on the 1st December 1996, is when Bruce Akhurst was strategically made Telstra’s in-house full time Senior Legal Counsel of Telstra and thereby Akhurst was also employed as another dishonest competing loyalty officer of the Commonwealth.

Tony D'Alosio the Managing partner of MSJ was then strategically re-positioned within the ASX under David Hoare ready for the Commonwealth’s Telstra three share float to cover-up none-disclosure crimes and weeks after the Telstra three float commenced Tony D’Alosio was then paid out many millions of dollars to finish early at the ASX; ready for Treasurer Peter Costello to strategically and tactically appoint Tony D'Alosio to then misrun ASIC from before the close off of the Commonwealth’s Telstra  share float, all while MSJ were the legal advisory firm in all three Telstra float gross debacles.

The Telstra three share float resulted in their collusive elements of wilfully planned and scandalous misconduct; and Treasurer Peter Costello MP is another former MSJ lawyer and in 2016-17 Costello is now the Chairman of the Commonwealth’s FUTURE FUND rorted public funding Telstra three seed funds, after masterminding the Telstra three share conversion seed capital rorted funding of the FUTURE FUND, which funding rorts Minister(s) Peter Costello MP, Senator Helen Coonan & Senator Nick Minchin did conspire to fund the FUTURE FUND; which share float FUTURE FUND funding scandal and encumbrance liability disclosure concealments and wilful disclose omissions were perpetrated by misusing the Ivory recorded bill of exchange and lien encumbrance's and share divided assignments placed officially over the Commonwealth’s Telstra three share proceeds; to proceed to float and conversion of the encumbered shares without making any public or stock market ASX announcement disclosure globally to deceive misled investors.

Also Douglas Gration was a MSJ Partner who in 2000 became the Company secretary to the Telstra Politically Stacked & Rigged board; to name just a few officers of the Commonwealth who are wilfully or criminally implicated; but, amazingly none of them have yet been investigated, charge or jailed for improperly lobbying each other and other senior bureaucrats to secretly keep furthering the MSJ partnerships business interests by public funding them to defraud and injure Ivory; by retainer bribing the MSJ partnership to wilfully defraud Ivory and by them collectively having wilfully concealed and omitted to disclose this fully outstanding Casualty of Telecom (CoT) Victim liability owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to keep concealing Ivory’s Notarial Instrument encumbrances duly recorded under Notarial seal over the Commonwealth Telstra float Shares pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) and to conceal and omit disclosing Ivory’s Successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange liability of the Commonwealth.

However, apparently Eddie Obeid looked shocked as he was sentenced to five (5) years jail with a non-parole period of three (3) years for wilful misconduct in public office, when Obeid was sentenced and jailed on the 15 December 2016, despite Obeid’s apparent misconduct having also been wilful; but, were to a much lesser degree crimes than the herein alleged much more serious misconduct in public office outlined herein which crimes have been wilfully committed by all sides of politics discriminately and unjustly since 1993 as silently continues in 2016-17 by current government ministers and by the current State of Queensland Governor being the implicated former State Chief Justice and also by the current Governor-General downwards.

Justice Robert Beech-Jones on the 15 December 2016 said when sentencing; that, Obeid’s crime was a very serious example of the offence, saying cases of corruption significantly damage the public’s trust in democratic institutions.
        * “Corruption by elected representatives consumes democracies, it destroys confidence in
            democratic institutions of government,” he said.

        * “Given the nature of the offending, not withstanding Mr Obeid’s personal circumstances ... I’ve  
            determined that no penalty other than imprisonment is appropriate.” 

The rise to power and fall from power of the
former political power broker Eddie Obeid

As a N.S.W. Government backbencher, Eddie Obeid is said to have ‘ran the New South Wales Labor Party’. But, a jury of the people took less than a day to find the former Minister guilty of wilful misconduct in public office.

Justice Beech-Jones during sentencing said Obeid’s life, had he not committed the offence, could have been remembered as one of considerable public service and hard work:

                                  *  “Instead his time in public life has produced a very different legacy.”

Eddie Obeid will be eligible for parole on 15 December 2019 at the earliest.

Immediately after sentencing, Obeid’s defence began to argue for an appeal, claiming Justice Beech-Jones had misdirected the jury during the trial.

Eddie Obeid’s barrister, Guy Reynolds SC, attempted to have his client bailed after the sentencing, pending an appeal against the conviction and against the sentence given.  That Application was dismissed and Eddie Obeid was led to the cells by a group of corrections officers about 1.30 pm.

Eddie Obeid’s family, were apparently seen to be emotional following the sentencing, but they did not comment as they were leaving the Court.

Eddie Obeid was found guilty in June of hiding his family’s financial interests held in Sydney’s harbour-side cafe(s) at Circular Quay, while Obeid was said to be lobbying a senior bureaucrat to preserve their harbour-side Circular Key prominently positioned kiosk leases right back in 2007.

Eddie Obeid, was back then a member of New South Wales’s upper house in 2007, and was politically pushing officers of the N.S.W.’s Maritime Authority Chief Executive a Mr. Steve Dunn to get him to allow the leases to be automatically renewed without any proper competitive tendering process to take place in 2007-08.

However, Mr. Steve Dunn, is not accused of any wrongdoing, and Mr. Dunn was under the impression that Eddie Obeid was politically acting for and on behalf of one of Mr. Obeid’s constituents, and thereby not to personal advance of the business interests of Mr. Obeid and or of Obeid’s family.

A draft commercial leasing policy was later changed to allow the Circular Quay leases to be renewed without competition in the first instance, although the Court apparently had found that Eddie Obeid’s actions had not directly influenced the decision.

The crown, during Mr. Obeid’s sentencing hearing, argued that Mr. Obeid was unrepentant and showed remorse only for being caught. Mr. Obeid’s defence, led by Mr. Braddon Hughes SC, had earlier argued the prosecution were inflating the seriousness of the crime as one more akin to bribery.

Hughes SC had urged for the court to take into consideration Mr. Obeid’s twenty (20) years of service to N.S.W. Politics, and to a fair range of health issues Mr. Obeid has been suffering, including a apparently recent acute stroke.

Mr. Obeid’s defence argued that the 73-year-old Man, should be able to serve his sentence in home detention, due to his short life expectancy. It was also argued that Mr. Obeid would not be able to receive the same level of medical attention if locked in jail.

Numerously a large volume of character references were handed to the Court on Mr. Obeid’s behalf, many praised Mr. Obeid’s honesty, integrity and devotion to public work. But Justice Beech-Jones found the healthcare Mr. Obeid would receive locked-in jail was “adequate”, albeit inferior to that available to Mr. Obeid if in the community.

Justice Beech-Jones acknowledged Mr. Obeid was previously of good character; but, said “it was of less weight in cases of corruption”

     Particularly: “where the need for general deterrence is particularly strong, prior good character is to
                              be considered of less value”; he said.

Justice Beech-Jones said the “overwhelming majority” of politicians act in what they believe to be in the best interests of their electorate, knowing they could only expect “persistent criticism” of their actions.

The prosecution came about, only after a prior finding in the ‘Independent Commission Against Corruption’ (‘ICAC’) found that Mr. Obeid had acted corruptly over the Circular Quay cafe leases.

The ICAC Inquiry followed a Fairfax Media investigation that uncovered Mr. Obeid’s family’s ownership of the cafes were held through a secretive network of trusts. Obeid’s business dealings had been the subject of three ICAC inquiries.

Eddie Obeid had apparently famously remarked there was: Only a 1% chance of him being charged following the ICAC’s Findings.

The N.S.W. government is apparently also moving to strip Mr. Eddie Obeid of his $120,000.00 per year Parliamentary Pension.

The premier, Mike Baird, announced on Thursday that the Parliament would be legislating to try and ensure that any politician who become convicted of a serious offence – one that is punishable by five years’ imprisonment or more – loses the entitlement, regardless of when they were convicted.

Apparently to-date the rules were that only any Politician who is charged while still in office; were liable to lose their pension(s).

Whereas: “The crimes of Eddie Obeid and of his cronies are the most serious instance of official corruption we have seen in our lifetimes,” Baird said.

       * “Regardless of political affiliation, any MP who commits a serious offence while in office should
           face the consequences, and should not be shielded simply because they resign before being

The N.S.W. Government will also be apparently looking at seeking to be repaid $280,000 in Taxpayer Funds given to Mr. Obeid for legal assistance, money he was entitled to as a Former Minister.

Mr. Eddie Obeid was installed in the Legislative Council right back in 1991, and Mr. Obeid rapidly established himself as a Right-wing factional heavyweight powerbroker, along with his mate Mr. Joe Tripodi.

Mr. Eddie Obeid entered the N.S.W. Cabinet in 1999, but was dumped by then-premier Bob Carr after adverse findings against Mr. Obeid by the NSW parliament’s privileges and ethics committee. Mr. Eddie Obeid eventually resigned from being a N.S.W. Parliamentarian back in 2011.

It seems that not a day goes by when yet another story is in the media exposing the highly paid vultures who are either unethical wrongdoing Cabinet Minister, Members of Parliament or Senators and or who are Non-elected officers of the Commonwealth who appear to be protected and are above the rule of law when they have allegedly misused and or abused their position for political party or for self-serving advantage, and or to score some benefit or to profit by engaging in criminal acts or in maleficent misconduct to profit or to wilfully do harm to we the people.
But all Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators and Non-elected officers of the Commonwealth are meant to only be protecting and or representing we the people. But instead those who of them who do or who have wilfully engaged in dishonourable and unconscionable abuses and misuses of their powers and positions of trust by dishonestly doing so at the we the people (taxpayers) expense.
Then they are not just over paid but are wilfully misacting in abuse of public office by engaging in illegal criminally for self-serving reasons as caught-out implicated or involved Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators and or Unelected officers of the Commonwealth of Australia; who should only act as model citizens; but, who think they are some-how above the rule of law and so they got more and more greedy and chose to abuse our trust; and or who thereby instead, if anything are corrupt officers whose misconduct does example their unconscionable propensity to perpetrate dishonest crimes, fraud and deception to harm we the people by them misacting in total and in premeditated abuse and misuse of their public offices, by them acting in total breach of we the peoples trust.
So therefore it is little wounder that some citizens do then follow their examples of unjustly also engaging wrongdoings, to find out that there is different laws for Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators and Un-elected officers of the Commonwealth given their unfretted protection and immunity of getting caught-out and then simply repaying what they had stolen and had tried to avoid paying so as to in-exchange not get prosecuted and to keep their over-paid jobs and public funded perks, when their aged or unemployed constituents would go to jail and get criminal records for committing even much lesser crimes to simply be able to keep feeding their families, because the disability or aged pensions or unemployment benefit's are insufficient to fund living on with dignity or enjoyment.
The Simony Act 1588:
The Simony Act 1588 was part of law when in 1788 Australia became part of the British Empire. As such its principles should be accepted as still being part of the Commonwealth of Australia.
We should apply the old Simony Act 1588 principles so that Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators and Un-elected officers of the Commonwealth of Australia are to be formally charged with fraud and be banned for life to ever again become a Cabinet Minister, or a Member of Parliament or a Senator or a Non-elected officer of the Commonwealth if convicted and be given criminal convictions to ensure that their official public records are exposed and show specifically what they criminally did do unlawfully and or illegally.

Since 1993 this is still a fully outstanding matter; which initially arose from the Beneficiary (Kenneth-Clyde Ivory) being internally branded and labelled as a CoT Victim and then abused, defrauded and commercially predatorily harmed by dual income conflicts of interests of corrupt officers of the Commonwealth who then collusively and strategically set out in a premeditated intent to adversely damage, defrauded, injure, defame, slander and to financially harm Ivory. 

By having through absolutely not fault of Ivory and by no fault of his Solar-Mesh businesses having adversely become Commonwealth of Australia 1800 prefix systemic fault Casualties of Telecom (CoT) Victims.

Which CoT Victim matters resultantly then unjustly were escalated due to Cabinet-Members engaging in insider trading and market manipulation frauds.

Which Cabinet Member crimes are Constitutionally Very Serious Exceptional Circumstances and there conceal;ment crimes have now resulted in this matter being very a  Constitutional Crisis due to years of Cabinet-Members misbehaviour, wrongful misconduct and insider trading fraud and years of Political Party's treasonous contempt and years and years of fraudlent disclosure omissions and years and years of cover-up frauds.

              The Facts
Past defective cronyism has resulted in Exceptional, Unconventional and Extraordinary Circumstances; which do on their own specific merits require this Moral and Humane Prerogative Intervention by and for and on behalf of the Crown, to now ensure the Beneficiary does in good faith now get honourably fully paid in compliance with the Governor-General and Governor of Queensland prerogative authorities, obligations and Constitutional duties to avoid themselves both being wilfully engaged in treason.
Insider Trading Frauds
If it was not for past elected and non-elected officers of the Commonwealth allowing many, many years of public funded negligent, fraudulent and reckless misbehaviour and shear cronyism by Cabinet-Members wilful Defective Administration as was maliciously and illegally perpetrated against the herein Beneficiary (Kenneth-Clyde Ivory) since 1993; then, back in 1994 this CoT matter could have been financially settled for a much lesser sum and should have been disclosed in the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 and 3 share floats public offer liability disclosure  prospectuses, but was instead wilfully concealed and fully omitted by insider trading frauds.

A Conflict of Interest
A situation where a person's own interests, or a duty towards someone else, may affect the way they carry out a duty towards others.

Why did Tony Abbott MP STACK & RIG the Governor-General's Authority by way of strategically motivated Political misuses of Religious Conflicts of Interests?

Why did Tony Abbott MP STACK & RIG the Governor-General's Authority by way of Politically misusing his own competing and conflicting loyalty Catholic Religion to ensure Acts of Treason are strategically committed to conceal and not reveal this CoT liability? 
Is this why in 2014 Sir Peter Cosgrove was politically chosen to be Knighted and to be politically selected to  Constitutionally hold the Highest Office within the Commonwealth of Australia as the Hon. Governor-General to purportedly Officially Act as Her Majesty’s Official Representative within the Commonwealth of Australia?
Why was Sir Peter Cosgrove politically chosen; was he politically chosen by Tony Abbott MP simply because of the fact that His Excellency is also a  Roman Catholic and is thereby currently holding high office with  Serious Religious Conflicts of Interests
We ask this because Sir Peter Cosgrove has dishonourably and has unconstitutionally demonstrated by his dishonourable total silence for and over the last five (5) months from prior to him proroguing the last government in 2016.

Thereby demonstrating His Excellency is dishonourably misacting and is acting in-humanely because His Excellency is thereby Religiously and Unconstitutionally Incapable of fulfilling his Oath of Allegiance to be faithful and to bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law as was duly sworn to do by Sir Peter Cosgrove.

But His Excellency has totally failed to yet uphold and comply with Official Notarial Instruments and His Excellency is thereby wilfully acting dishonourably and his silence are acts of wilful treason; as His Excellency is now Constitutionally in contempt of a Court of Faculties 'Successfully Protested Bill of Exchange' as is Notary Public duly awarded as an overdue Public Debt owing by the Commonwealth of Australia the herein Debtor.

Thereby the herein referred to Successfully Protested Bill of Exchange Public Debt owing is still an undisclosed accruing Public Debt; which still accruing Public Debt is still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory the Creditor; despite the fact that the said bill of exchange has been 'Successfully Notarial Protested' for and on behalf of Her Majesty against the Commonwealth of Australia who is the herein default Debtor! 

Resulting in breaches of Political Oath's duly sworn by failure to comply with Section 42 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia; as was made and given constitutionally by revolving executive and federal members of parliament since 1901.
The Governor-General therefore unconstitutionally, inhumanely, and unjustly has unethically engaged in total silence and thereby His Excellency is currently misacting in total treasonous contempt of the Court of Faculties Notarial Certificates by his unconstitutional and dishonourable failures and total non-performance over the last five (5) months. This contemptuous misconduct by His Excellency is despite the fact that an Australian Federal Police (AFP) Officer did duly sign in acceptance of Person to Person addressed Registered Mail, by signing acceptance for and on his behalf of his Excellency at: ‘Admiralty House’ right back on the 7 October 2016.

But still Sir Peter Cosgrove inhumanely and has also unconscionably wilfully fully failed in his constitutional duty of care owing to the Beneficiary and to Ivory's family members by His Excellency a Roman Catholic fully failing to comply with his oath of office given dishonestly by a Roman Catholic with allegiances to the Pope; but purportedly swore an oath agreeing to act in allegiance's to Her Majesty = seriously gross religious competing loyalty conflicts of interests does thereby arise does it not? 
The Governor-General also knowing has thus far unconscionably and unconstitutionally chose to and has failed to yet honourably protect We the People by not yet RECUSING the 2001 to 2005 corrupt PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from holding office as a High Court of Australia Judge for the rest of his life; and His Excellency has also wilfully failed to not yet RECUSE the dishonourable and unethical BARNABY JOYCE MP from being the Leader of the National Party and from being the Deputy Prime Minister and from holding any public office in Politics for the rest of his life?
Nor has the Governor-General thereby yet honourably RECUSED HIMSELF from office, and is still collecting his $425,000.00 salary plus his tax payer funded perks for in-effect dishonourably thereby refusing to and totally failing to perform his overdue Constitutional performance duties for and on behalf of Her Majesty as Her Majesty’s Official Constitutional Representative within the Commonwealth of Australia.
When TONY ABBOTT MP was the purported Hon. Prime Minister; he was and is himself also a Roman Catholic who prior to politics failed to complete becoming a Roman Catholic Priest but chose to award a Knighthood to His Excellency a fellow Roman Catholic of his Prime ministership Political selected choice.  All Roman Catholics are religiously bought up and religiously preached to stick together even if to conceal and not reveal the truth to protect each other, are they not?
Abbott’s 2014 Governor-General political chosen Roman Catholic appointment appears to have been an act of treason designed to do away with or to unconstitutionally ignore and avoid paying restitution of Property owing; by them collectively acting in treasonous offence of Her Majesty’s Religious and Constitutional Powers Exercisable pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) by and via Her Majesty’s Notary Publics,which act renders the Court of Faculties to be the Court of Jurisdiction as no corporate court's officers have the necessary jurisdiction to note and protest any bills of exchange or promissory notes.  Thereby NO Roman Catholic ought to hold the office of Governor-General as they have religious conflicts of interests!
This occurred because we had a Roman Catholic Prime Minister (Tony Abbott MP) who chose a competing loyalty  Roman Catholic to become the Governor-General and then strategically both ignored Ivory's constitutional rights and the Governor-General himself is now dishonourably and is unconstitutionally avoiding to ensure the Commonwealth of Australia’s compliance of Her Majesty’s Court of Faculties Prerogative Commands, commanded in the said Bill's Court of Jurisdictions Notarial issued February 2014 Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands, commanding for their political performance pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth).
But as Roman Catholics they are each by law responsible for having acted treasonously in abuse of their combined powers by them collectively in effect having treasonously hijacked the Administration, Running and Powers of Court of Faculties, by their combined Roman Catholic tactical maladministration still being committed in November 2016 in total abuse of public office by such gross maleficence's; so as to Politically pervert the Governor-General's authority; by treasonously avoiding to have the Successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange's independently quantified Public Debt from being honourably paid-out in restitution of Property; despite them being in contemptuous political offence of the Court of Faculties Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) jurisdiction and in treasonous contempt of numerous Notary Publics Notarial Court of Faculties Constitutional and Jurisdictional Authority and Binding Awards? 
Thereby as Roman Catholics congregating deceptively in Public Office they collusively Politically and as the Governor-General have each criminally aided and abetted in wilfully concealing, their prior Cabinet-Members 2006 insider trading and market manipulation frauds perpetrated by officers of the Commonwealth during the Commonwealth of Australia's Telecom-Telstra outstanding CoT Victim liabilities owing not being disclosed by wilfully concealing ONLY this accruing Major Liability from being disclosed in the purported Telstra® three (3) Share Float sale disclosures; thereby the current Governor-General is concealing this still fully outstanding liability prior disclosure omissions, which frauds resulted in political insider trading and market manipulation committed by Cabinet-Member's crimes of fraud and deception.
The Governor of Queensland is also the Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia and is additionally Her Majesty’s relieving Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Hon. Paul de Jersey QC whose published religion is the Anglican Church. Who is concealing another but much smaller quantum of a 2015 Succesfully Protested Bill of Exchange State of Queensland Public Debt also owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Because His Excellency the Hon. Paul De-Jersey was formerly the Chief Justice of the State of Queensland, who in 2005 elevated the Corrupt PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from being a corrupt State of Queensland dual competing and conflicting income Solicitor-General to be a State of Queensland Appeal Court Judge after KEANE QC had corruptly colluded in 2002 with his predecessors for them to participate in corruptly perverting and defeating the course of justice, after they had each found KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial Judge in 2001.

Hence, the current dishonourable failures and silence from Paul de Jersey as the State of Queensland Governor and relieving Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, in relation to a separate 2015 issued and 2015 Notarial successfully Protested Bill of Exchange in relation to a State of Queensland overdue public debt also owing to that Bill’s Beneficiary Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; as is issued and as has since been successfully had Protested against the State of Queensland.
We note Her Majesty’s Constitutional letters Patent Officially Appointed Representative Sir Peter Cosgrove; as Her Majesty’s Governor-General; but Sir Peter Cosgrove is a Roman Catholic. How can this be so? 
Thereby is that TONY ABBOTT MP 2014 Sir Peter Cosgrove knighthood appointment some what a political mockery by a Roman Catholic Prime Minister; and is the Appointment of his fellow Roman Catholic Governor-General not in fact maladministration by a religious competing and conflicting loyalty Politically selected inappropriate and perhaps an unconstitutional or unjust and or religiously barred to have been sworn-in as a Governor-General, given that Notary Publics must be Church of England/Anglican?
Her Majesty’s published religion is the same as that of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury who still appoints Notary Publics in Queensland, and which religion to become a Notary Public must be and is sworn to be Church of England and additionally the Lord Archbishop is also the leader of the Anglican Communion.
1. The Pope
The head of the Roman Catholic Church is the Pope. He has authority in all areas of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world. The Roman Catholic Church has a centralised authority structure.

The Anglican Church however had a dispersed authority structure. While Anglican Churches throughout the world are united into a family of Anglican Churches called the Anglican Communion, each national or provincial church remains autonomous.

They agree to stay together as a communion, but not one leader or Church has authority over the others.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the leader of the Anglican Communion, but his role is one of providing a focus for unity, rather than carrying with it authority in other churches beside his own religion of the Church of England.

2. Ministers / Priests
There are two major differences between Anglican and Roman Catholic priests. Firstly Anglican priests are allowed to marry, while Roman Catholic priests are required to stay celibate.
Manifestation of religion or belief must not may amount to propaganda for war or advocacy of hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.

In accordance with article 20, no manifestation of religion or belief may amount to propaganda for war or advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence. As stated by the Committee in its General Comment 11, States parties are under the obligation to enact laws to prohibit such acts.

[Note: In ratifying the ICCPR Australia reserved the right not to introduce further laws to implement Article 20. It did not reject the substance of Article 20, but indicated (as the Human Rights Committee has also said) that Article 20 should be interpreted consistently with Article 19.

Freedom to manifest religion or belief may be limited but only by law and only where necessary on grounds specified by Article 18.

Article 18.3 permits restrictions on the freedom to manifest religion or belief only if limitations are prescribed by law and are necessary to protect public safety, order, health or morals, or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others. The freedom from coercion to have or to adopt a religion or belief and the liberty of parents and guardians to ensure religious and moral education cannot be restricted.

In interpreting the scope of permissible limitation clauses, States parties should proceed from the need to protect the rights guaranteed under the Covenant, including the right to equality and non-discrimination on all grounds specified in articles 2, 3 and 26.

Limitations imposed must be established by law and must not be applied in a manner that would vitiate the rights guaranteed in article 18.

Mrs Jennifer Douglas generously donated to the court the law library of her late husband, the Hon Mr Justice RR Douglas RFD, who died in office on 26 November 2002. The library is housed in Townsville, a court centre with which the Douglas family has had substantial connection. The donation was acknowledged at a ceremony at the court in Townsville on 4 December 2004 where Mrs Douglas, Justice Cullinane and Justice JA Douglas were joined by other members of the Douglas family, the legal profession and the public.
Judicial retirement
Justice GL Davies AO retired on 11 February 2005.
Judicial appointment
On 21 February 2005 Justice PA Keane was sworn in as a Judge of the Supreme Court and a
Judge of the Court of Appeal (to replace Justice Davies)
The above cut and pasts are taken in good faith from the Paul de Jersey signed off State of Queensland Court’s 2005 Annual Report. 

Evidencing that Paul de Jersey elevated the corrupt Patrick Anthony Keane QC to the Court of Appeal bench in February 2005 to replace retiring 2002 Court of Appeal corrupt lead judge ‘Davies J’ who Keane QC had also replaced Davies as Solicitor-General in 1999 to 2005. 

DAVIES J, JERRARD J and WILSON J each repeatedly had found in 2002 that PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC had definitely mislead the trial Judge the now late Justice RR Douglas RFD in 2001.

Then those three (3) State of Queensland 2002 purported Supreme Court of Appeal Court Justices colluded having a group huddle covering their microphone-recorders and then they adjourned so as to corruptly rewind transcripts to then recommence to re-tape over their findings against KEANE QC and to also thereby re-tape over the case Ivory had successfully presented for IVORY.

DAVIS J, Jerrard J and Wilson J had criminally done so to corruptly pervert and defeat the course of justice so as to illegally protect the State of Queensland, the Commonwealth of Australia and to protect their State of Queensland dual competing and conflicting loyalty undisclosed Solicitor-General their corrupt mate KEANE QC. 

All corruptly and ultra-vires occurred under the dishonourable eye and protection of the then 2005 State of Queensland's Chief Justice Paul de Jersey, who is the now Governor of the State of Queensland and the Administrator and relieving Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, these gross cometing loyalties are seriously corrupt conflicts of interests which do = Corruption on Corruption, do they not?

Australian Government      
Department of Finance and Administration    
Finance Circular
No. 2004/03

To all Agencies under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Commercial Bills and Other Securities of a Similar Nature
To advise Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies of government policy in relation to promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills and other securities of a similar nature.
Key points   
1.    Promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills and other securities of a similar nature affect

       the indebtedness of the Australian Government.
2.    Under the Administrative Arrangements Order, the Department of the Treasury has responsibility

       for borrowing money on the public credit of the Commonwealth and has in place standard debt
       issuance arrangements.
Fraud involves the use of dishonest or deceitful conduct in order to obatain some unjust advantage over someone else.  

In this herein CoT victim's instance it is the Commonwealth Coalition Governments who have and who now are aiding & abetting past frauds by elected officers of the Crown conspiring with unelected officers of the Commonwealth to keep wilfully covering up their prior governments and prior officers of the Commonwealth's unconsionable and illegal frauds known as Casualty of Telecom ('CoT') mishanding 'public fund' frauds. 

Which 'public funded' crimes Involve frauds perertrated by implicated past and present Cabinet-Members of the Crown in relation to the Commonwealth's purported Telstra share floats. Those shares were market dumped by misconduct of premeditated global stock market crimes and frauds. Which crimes involved Political & Corporate Boards white-collar insider trading and market manipulation frauds, by them strategically omitting to disclose 'extremely price sensitive' liabilities owing, which are still accruing.  Hence they only disclosed other outstanding CoT liabilities in 1997 Telstra 1 float which are 'not price sensitive' of a total sum of only $27.7 million dollars but concealed the 'etremely price sensitive' liabilities owing to this herein omitted CoT victim.
Now the current Commonwealth Coalition Government is taking up where prior corrupt government's left off after having Stacked & Rigged the ASX, ASIC, ACCC, ACMA, & the TIO Limited.  The current Commonwealth Turnbull Coalition Government is now Stacking & Rigging the media, to keep-on concealing these herein outlined prior Major Political Frauds, as is now set-out herein below in good faith, as the public have a right to be informed because traditional media is Stacked & Rigged to prevent you finding out the truth:

From: Kenneth Ivory  
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 12:59 PM
To: Donald Bundesen ; Senator Pauline Hanson
Cc: Kenneth Ivory
Subject: The ‘CHANNEL NINE (9)’ Chairman also is the ‘FUTURE FUND’ Chairman while an officer of the Commonwealth.

I noted this article ‘Head Line’ rightly stating as cut and pasted below:

One Nation refuses to back budget unless ABC funding cut by $600m, reports say Party whip says it has been treated ‘unfairly’ by the ABC which is ‘ overfunded’ and ‘ not utilising money effectively’.

That above cut and pasted ‘Head Line’, does to me raise other perhaps even more serious concerns on the party of the ABC (Channel 2) and of Channel Nine (Channel 9) current both strategically stacked and rigged Chairmanships.

Both Chairmanships are strategically stacked and rigged to do the Australian Government the ‘Coalition Governments’ bidding of what goes to air and what does not.

As is herein outlined and explained below, which is based on my own investigations and my own knowledge gained on the adverse receiving end of decades of both of their Chairmanships past combined corrupt misconducts perpetrated against this herein still fully global stock market omitted and global stock market concealed ‘price sensitive’ but premeditatedly fully disclosure omitted and market concealed Casualty of Telecom (CoT) victim, outstanding and well OVERDUE still accruing liability.

Which all three Commonwealth Telstra share floats were perpetrated fraudulently without any full or proper liability market disclosures by wilfully concealing this market ‘price-sensitive’ outstanding and omitted liability, concealed by only disclosing ONLY other CoT’s ‘non-price-sensitive-liabilities’ owing in 1997 to five (5) other CoT victims who were National Party aligned.  $27.7 million was all that was disclosed as owing between that CoT five (5) but not just Five (5) it was actually Eight (8) other CoT’s who were each paid out from ‘public funds’ in 1999 to 2003.  I Kenneth-Clyde Ivory was dishonestly left out because I have suffered ‘price-sensitive’ quantum loss, damage & injury with Patent’s I had for my inventions in 93 Peace Treaty Countries.  Selective and thereby false or misleading political and corporates had published colluded disclosures which are crimes.

Which global stock market disclosure omission frauds were and are ‘insider trading and market manipulation frauds’ which crimes do implicate and do involve corrupt misconduct by both of these herein two (2) stated Chairman’s the ABC & the Chanel Nine current two (2) Chairmanships. Who now control over 60% of our T.V programs.

Who are both currently strategically positioned because they both have past and thereby both have desperate needs to keep concealing their involvement’s in past CoT mishandling and market disclosure omission frauds and CoT mishandling frauds and indictable crimes from when previously both were officers of the Commonwealth.

Hence, both are strategically positioned for ongoing dishonest competing and conflicting loyalties, to keep-on concealing for example not just but also this (in the .....) billions of dollar of stock market disclosure omission Scandal..... which involves many, many billions of dollars more and is thereby a much bigger SCANDAL than America's ENRON scandal which only involved several hundred million dollars in market accounting disclosure scandals, which fatal Enron scandals also bought down the ARTHUR ANDERSON Accounting firm globally for their involvement in fraudulent accounting fraud disclosures and market omissions from disclosure frauds. 

We also still have a Stacked & Rigged ASX & ASIC to conceal these market omission scandals, they were stacked and rigged ready for the Telstra 3 float scandals.

Attention: Don Bundesen Senior Advisor of and Senator Pauline Hanson

Dear Don & Senator Pauline,

Don, as requested by you this morning (05.07.17) over the phone, in good faith here above outlined and herein below in writing; are some salient COMPETING & CONFLICTING LOYALTY facts for consideration by you and Pauline for TABLING in the Senate for resolution and to be dealt with to have them remedy in good faith, as we have no independent regulators or courts left independent to otherwise do so, as they involve serious criminality by Officers of the Crown past and present.

The main problem with the ABC is its Chairman is Justin Milne  (and its Managing Director Michelle Guthrie) who is thereby again an officer of the Commonwealth; despite when Milne was the Telstra Group Managing Director he was then also an officer of the Commonwealth directly involved in unconscionable and illegal Casualty of Telecom (“CoT”), fraud, deception and seriously corrupt misconduct including malicious Wrongful Arrest and False Imprisonment in Deprivation of my Human and Civil Liabilities as a premeditated method of restitution of property debt owing payment avoidance tactics at Telstra when then an officer of the Commonwealth.  Now Milne in control of what gets to air on the ABC and what does not get to air on the ABC.  Milne had an unhealthy association at Telstra with competing and conflicting loyalty Telstra officers of the Commonwealth who were also Mallesons Stephen Jaques (“MSJ) partners, and MSJ were on retainers to defraud this outstanding CoT victim. 

The Chairman of Telstra DAVID M HOARE was also the Chairman of MSJ during the Telstra 1 and Telstra 2 share floats  thereby Hoare as an Telstra officer of the Commonwealth was the Chairman of MSJ while the boss of Milne. Hence MSJ were shadow directing the misrunning of Telstra. Plus Telstra’s in-house deputy general legal counsel Stephen John Mead was also a MSJ Partner from 1st January 1996 while defrauding me. Hoare & Tony D’Aloisio the MSJ managing partner were both positioned at the ASX after the Telstra 2 float ready for the Telstra 3 float insider trading and market manipulation frauds to be concealed.  On 09th October 2006 Douglas Gration lodged the Telstra 3 UNSIGNED OFF and still UNSIGNED OFF Invalid purported Telstra 3 prospectus with his former MSJ partner’s HOARE & D’ALOISIO. 

The same day Peter Costello MP Treasurer appointed TONY D’ALOISIO to control ASIC to conceal their insider trading frauds.

A few weeks latter D’Aloisio got paid out over $7.5 million dollars to finish up early at the ASX and started at ASIC before the Telstra 3 float closed off.  That is stacking and rigging is it not?

Cut & pasted = The ABC Board
The duties of the Board are set out in section 8 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 (the ABC Act)

The ABC Board is responsible for the ABC’s operations. The duty of the Board is to ensure that the functions of the Corporation are performed efficiently with maximum benefit to the people of Australia, and to maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the gathering and presentation of news and information is accurate and impartial, according to recognised standards of journalism, and that the ABC complies with legislative and legal requirements.

Up to seven Directors are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Government. The Managing Director is appointed by the Board.

The ABC Act requires that Directors must be experienced in broadcasting, communications or management, or have expertise in financial or technical matters, or have cultural or other interests relevant to the provision of broadcasting services.

The Australian Government has established a merit-based appointment process for non-executive directors to the ABC.  End of Cut & Past.

Plus: Michelle Guthrie BA, LL is the ABC Managing Director she is a former Mallesons Stephen Jaques now King Wood & Mallesons lawyer. Thereby MSJ trained to be corrupt.

The ‘CHANNEL NINE (9)’ Chairman also is the ‘FUTURE FUND’  Chairman while an officer of the Commonwealth.

So CHAIRMAN Peter Costello does have corruptly gross current and past CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS & COMPETING LOYALTIES as an officer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Because Peter Costello is currently in charge of what goes to air on Channel Nine (9) and what does not go to air on Channel Nine (9). Not only that, at the same Peter Costello is as an officer of the Commonwealth who is getting paid handsomely by Channel Nine (9) to compete with the Commonwealth of Australia’s ‘people funded’ ABC T.V.  

All while Peter Costello is at the same time getting paid big money by the Commonwealth to Chair the FUTURE FUND as an officer of the Commonwealth. While Peter Costello is wilfully still concealing and not revealing my ‘encumbered funds’ which by default are still sitting in the ‘Future Fund’ as a fully omitted and concealed CoT.

Treasurer Costello fraudulently converted my ‘Telstra three (3) ‘encumbered shares’ into ‘encumbered converted funds’ and then misappropriated into the ‘Future Fund’ the billions of dollars of funds owing to me in restitution of my property as a CoT victim as independently loss assessed and quantified.

Hence Costello illegally shoved my funds into the ‘Future Fund’ to instead by misappropriation and scandalous market disclosure omission frauds, to be able to have sufficient funds to be able to ultimately ‘fund Peter Costello’s own and others’ up coming political and public servants superannuation upon their retirement’s from and out of misappropriated and market disclosure concealed and omitted ‘encumbered funds’ owing to myself.

Converted by ‘Cabinet-Member’ collusive premeditated ‘insider trading and market manipulation disclosure omission frauds’ converted from ‘encumbered Telstra 3 shares’ without making any ‘global stock market disclosures’ of my ‘share encumbrances’ which were and still are registered, duly sealed and officially recorded and placed over the ‘Commonwealth’s Telstra 3 shares’ as are still accruing and still fully owing to me from well before the ‘Future Fund’ was ever established by Peter Costello at the end of April in 2006.

Peter Costello AO is the longest serving now former Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

But by Peter Costello being the current Chairman of the Commonwealth’s FUTURE FUND ‘Australia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund’ thereby once again PETER COSTELLO AO is an officer of the Commonwealth, their ‘Future Fund’ Level 42/120 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 ‘business cards’ do evidence this alone, saying it is the Australian Government Future Fund.

So Don and Senator Pauline what I am saying above is that please those conflicts of interests listed above do need to be TABLED and ‘remedied’ in the Senate on the 8 August 2017.

Honourable and sincerely,
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory
Mob:   0405 122 560

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