1.  Patrick Anthony Keane QC
     from the High Court Judiciary
2. Barnaby Joyce MP from Politics!

Political Misconduct?

What is section 44 of the constitution?
Section 44 by law governs whether or not a man or woman is eligible to be elected and serve as a member of the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. On a number of occasions MPs and Senators have lost their seats after being found to be ineligible to hold office as an MP and some as a Senator.

Section 44 makes it unconstitutional to sit as a member of parliament if you have an allegiance to a “foreign power”, (Thereby is Religious Allegiance to the “Pope for all Roman Catholics”, is that as a Religious Allegiance not in fact an Allegiance to a Foreign Power?) are subject to be sentenced to one year or more in prison, or are an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent, or hold an “office of profit under the Crown”, or have a “Pecuniary interest with the public service”. (A Member of Parliament, Senator Governor-General, Judge and or any Officer of the Commonwealth whose does or who is to in the future receive any retirement pension payments from and or out of the FUTURE FUND is thereby a “Pecuniary interest” is it not?)

These above facts are believed to be so:
Because the Commonwealth’s Telstra three (3) Share Float Sale Conversion Funds were wrongfully misused to fund the FUTURE FUND, so as to be able to fund Public Servants, Members of Parliament, Senators, Federal Court Judges, High Court Judges and Governor-General’s and other Officers of the Commonwealth (Public Servants) retirements from and out of.

But are unlawfully procured, converted and transferred FUTURE FUND held Funds which seed funds were and are undisclosed despite being validly encumbered Telstra three (3) float share conversion funds procured unconscionably from proceeds of crimes which crimes were wilfully and dishonestly committed by Cabinet-Members strategically, unconscionably and dishonourably engaging in corrupt crimes of wilful insider trading and market manipulation frauds; wilfully perpetrated by their political and public service collusive crimes of strategically omitting and not disclosing a valid Bill of Exchange debt is owing to an outstanding undisclosed Casualty of Telstra (CoT) Victim (Kenneth-Clyde Ivory) who is the Holder of an Officially Recorded Lien placed over the Commonwealth’s Telstra three (3) held Shares from before the FUTURE FUND was established in 2006; and also Hold’s duly assigned to him; Commonwealth Telstra Three (3) Share Dividend’s assigned and which Finance Ministerially has duly assigned the Commonwealth’s Telstra three (3) share holding dividends to Ivory and which binding encumbrances Kenneth-Clyde Ivory still Holds as Recorded and Placed officially and duly under seal by the Court of Jurisdiction over the Commonwealth’s Telstra Three (3) Shares proceeds; which funds assigned to Ivory are politically stolen by being thereby illegally placed into the Future Fund with premeditated intent to pay the funds owing to Ivory to be paid to themselves from the proceeds of their predecessors dishonourable and illegally stacked and rigged share float discolsure omission crimes. 

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull MP,                                                    Served by email on: 18 January 2017
Malcolm, it is in good faith that your hereby noticed to officially have a very good look at and into the herein outlined ongoing misconduct of Barnaby Joyce, George Brandis and of the total silence of and by Sir Peter Cosgrove and decide if they are in fact not thereby now totally unfit to continue to hold their current positions of public trust and standings; given, their conduct as outlined herein and in our below listed four (4) web sites in addition to information already served on yourself and served previously and repeatedly on each of them to absolutely no avail whatsoever.  They are guilty of at least wilfully harbouring criminality are they not
Malcolm you also need to immediately RECUSE Patrick Anthony Keane QC from remaining in the High Court of Australia and from the law for the rest of his natural life.
You also need to immediately RECUSE Barnaby Joyce and George Brandis from remaining in politics and from being in politics for the rest of their natural lives.
How long can the Commonwealth Government keep tolerating their intrinsic treason of having continued to deny me my Sovereignty rights and entitlements.
Thereby, I ask you Malcolm have all implicated past and present Commonwealth Government members not in fact attainted Treason?
When will you Prime Minister be commercially satisfying the Successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange public debt and the accrued total combined current sum certain amount owing to me, so as to commercially remedy this fully outstanding Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom (CoT) victim’s matter, once and for all?
You also need to instruct Michael Keenan to have the Australian Federal Police enforce s. 80 .1 (1) (c) Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth),  s. 80.2 (1) Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) the Judges implicated over the years in this matter have committed an offence against these sections by accepting the false Judgment of a person(s) who have wilfully and materially overthrown the Constitution and have misled the trial judge in 2001; and your old republican movement mate STEPHEN JOHN MEAD also wilfully breached s. 3ZT of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) on  December 1996; and Barnaby Joyce, George Brandis, Patrick Keane and Sir Peter Cosgrove are thereby wilfully and collusively aiding and abetting in concealing and protecting MEAD & KEANE QC (himself) and in protecting their corrupted judicial mates, who they collusively and unconstitutionally implicated in their deceitful frauds and fraudulent misrepresentations. 
Their undue force, maliciously false wrongdoings and violence has activated these sections by the actions your republican mate STEPHEN JOHN MEAD from and on 23 December 1996 and for the purported courts judiciary abolishing the Queen and for having falsely defamed and defrauded Kenneth-Clyde Ivory a man who is a lawful sovereign who was thereby falsely and unconstitutionally deprived of Her Majesty’s quiet peace and protection of and by the Crown and to falsely set-out to corporately destroy the reputation of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY by their crimes, and for which crimes they profited from the public funded proceeds of their own premeditated crimes.
The matters raised above are below outlined and are in more detail outlined within our below listed web sites:
This TRUE and FACTUAL story, EXPOSES strategically and illegally perpetrated  travesties of parliamentary democracy, committed and perpetrated wilfully by the Howard Coalition Government and is wilfully being Politically concealed and covered-up ever since by strategically positioned officers of the Commonwealth from the current 2017 Governor-General and current Governor of Queensland downwards, thereby evidencing there is constitutionally absolutely no separations of powers any longer!
This was written in good faith by me a Constitutionally Lawful Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia and my name is Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is sixty five (65) years of age in February 2017, and resultant here from these matters is prematurely widowed since 2007; and, is a father of three children and is a grandfather of two grandsons thus far.
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory had his inventions Patent Protected in 93 Peace Treaty Countries as verifiable by IP Australia records and is the herein referred to victim of and for the last twenty three (23+) years of unconscionable misuses and abuses of Commonwealth public funds, and of State of Queensland public funds, that were collusively and unlawfully misused and abused due to dual competing incomes of dual positioned competing and conflicting loyalty dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth, who were also officers of the Courts and partners of their own retained law firm; all was wilfully designed to strategically perpetrate and to have perpetrated serious wrongdoings and to perpetrate fraudulent crimes, and to strategically conceal this fully outstanding matter by avoiding to disclose it in abuse of powers and in abuse of public office, to strategically avoid paying restitution of Property owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory. 
Which above outlined wrongful, malicious and false wrongdoings were fraudulently and wilfully committed by unconscionable misconduct that was masterminded and perpetrated by dual income corrupted officers of the Commonwealth and by their retained own undisclosed law firm partnership, and by its retainer bribed agents and servants; as outlined within this is true and factual last twenty three (23+) year story of actual and truthful facts of False and Unconstitutional Depravation of Human and Civil Liberties in abuse and misuse of public office.
These facts herein outlined are based solely on factual events and on official internal Commonwealth records and by the cartel misconduct of elected and of non-elected officers of the Commonwealth of Australia, and is being currently concealed by the last six (6+) months of unconstitutional total silence by and of the current Governor-General downwards through the Commonwealth Government and of and by the Governor of Queensland downwards and is also based on the ACTUAL and FACTUAL FACTS as witnessed and evidenced FIRST-HAND and by the years of knowledge gained by their cartel’s victim  (Kenneth-Clyde Ivory) as Ivory was and is the man who is the perpetrator's maliciously targeted human-being, and is also based on the TRUTHFUL and FACTUAL accounts as evidenced by other key witnesses over many years.
EXPOSING how implicated cartel Officers of the Commonwealth of the past and of the present have each wilfully abandoned ‘Procedural Fairness’ and have and or are currently engaged in dishonourable and totally silent deceit; which collusive and strategic total silence is their acquiescence, thereby exposing their predecessors wilfully Fraudulent Misrepresentations committed to unconstitutionally ensure to wilfully and strategically pervert and defeat the actual truth to defame, injure, damage and to strategically and unconscionably set-out to keep defrauding their herein victim for the last twenty three (23+) Years.
Now present officers of the Commonwealth despite these ‘Exceptional Constitutional Circumstances’ are from the current Governor-General and current Governor of Queensland downwards, them and their elected and non-elected cartel are intentionally continuing to aid and abet their predecessors criminality and crimes perpetrated fraudulently, so as to attempt to ‘Keep the Lid on the Truth’ and to try to avoid paying restitution of Property owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; and to also try to wilfully conceal the implicated former Howard Coalition Government’s Cabinet-Members wilfully perpetrated Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds committed during the HOWARD Coalition Governments strategic; but, fraudulently carried-out and perpetrated unconscionable and dishonest Telstra one, two and three purported share sale dumping scams and Telstra three encumbered Commonwealth share FUTURE FUND unconscionable and dishonest conversion frauds.
In an attempt to stop those procedural frauds in the Senate during the Commonwealth’s Telstra encumbered purported share float sale of the Commonwealth’s own Telstra three privatisation share float debacle; which Senate Hansard Records do record and prove that Senator Conroy (of Victoria) stated at 6.19 pm on Wednesday, 14 September 2005, honourably placed on record:
    “.............. Senator Ronaldson, Senator Brandis and Senator Mason. The smug faction has been in

     today because they know what they are doing today has been a travesty of
     parliamentary democracy.” ............................
Additionally Senator Bob Brown (of Tasmania) in Hansard, then stated:
    “.......... The Prime Minister made assurances to the Australian people after the election that the  

     Senate would not be treated with contempt. But today has been wall-to-wall contempt for the
     Senate and for the people of Australia by the Howard government.  The Prime Minister is not here.
     He wants to fly back, with the dirty deed having been done while he is away in Washington.”
However, the nastiness and unconscionable frauds dishonestly and unconscionably perpetrated against Ivory were and are being still committed in treasonous offence of the Constitutional rights of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, which years of wrongdoings and exceptional circumstances are now being fully ignored by fraudulently implicated departmental officer's of the Commonwealth; who are politically ordered to avoid satisfying this overdue and fully outstanding Commonwealth of Australia Liability matter, twenty three (23+) year on is still accruing monthly as it is still fully outstanding and overdue fully quantified sum certain amount of restitution of Property owing to Ivory; despite the fact Ivory has a successfully Notarial Protested bill of exchange which independently quantifies the principal sum certain amount owing; and thereby, is still an accruing public debt which is still fully owing to Ivory in restitution of his Property.
But, their cartel’s nastiness and misconduct appears to be nothing less than polluted political maleficent; which bad and evil political party energies are wrongdoings being perpetrated for their cartels political party’s self serving benefits, and contrary to law to wilfully keep concealing their corrupt budgetary omitted disclosures. 
Such pathetic power plays by unconscionable and dishonourable elected and non-elected officers of the Commonwealth are in abuse of public office. 
Their cartels did and are unjustly engaged in biased prejudice, which misconduct results in them distorting the facts by creating falsified public service records and in having over the years falsified corporate court transcripts to falsify public records, which judicial crimes more often than not are simply a rehash of someone else’s NON TRUTHFULNESS based on NO ACTUAL FACTS,  and or are based on NO FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE by those with NO RELEVANT integrity and generally lacks any factual CRITICAL THINKING on their parts, and are written by Lazy thinking officers of the Commonwealth, or their own partnership competing loyalty law firm partners retained by themselves via Telecom/Telstra as dual income spin merchants (who were Expert Fibbers/Liars) and who are generally failed or strategically picked dishonest lawyers who were not taught the true validity of any bill of exchange or of any Necessary Constitutional matters when they were back in law school, and seldom if ever do they do their own FACTUAL or any ACTUAL Notarial Court of Jurisdiction Legal Research. 
Thereby the criminally implicated past and present officers of the Commonwealth from the current Governor-General and current Governor of Queensland downwards they as a very powerful cartel, have and currently are silently, but corruptly and treasonously them and their cartel have totally abandoned procedural fairness, so as to keep ignoring valid and binding Financial Instruments to silently keep wilfully and unconscionably ignoring the Constitutional rights and entitlements owing by the Commonwealth of Australia to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory via the purported Australian Government; and the Commonwealth’s overdue payments in satisfaction are to be paid by Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Cheque(s), which RBA Cheques are to be paid direct to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory in restitution of his Property.  Payment has been repeatedly approved to be paid over the years but nothing has ever been paid in satisfaction, due to competing loyalty factions running the Stacked & Rigged Government. 
Ivory is apparently the only still fully outstanding Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom (CoT) Victim, resultant by the fact that only  Ivory’s CoT matter was wilfully and discriminately the only fully outstanding CoT victim liability owing that was fully politically omitted strategically from being ever disclosed within any Commonwealth public offer disclosure prospectuses; so as to conceal the largest ever quantum owing to prevent it from being disclosed any where within the Commonwealth’s own thereby materially falsely and dishonestly published Telstra one, two and three Commonwealth Share Float public offer disclosure prospectuses, due to their cartels implicated and corrupt Cabinet-Members cartels unlawful scams of wilful Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds perpetrated knowingly and dishonestly by the implicated Cabinet-Members of the Howard Coalition Government, so as to falsely over-inflate the share sale prices by Stacking and Rigging the Global Markets, Hence, they strategic Stacked and Rigged the running of Telstra, ASIC, the ASX, the ACCC, TIO Limited, and the ACMA etc by their cartels total denial of procedural fairness. 
We also note that it is recorded in Senate Hansard on the 7 September 2004 by Senator Sterle (from Western Australia) as he states that:
        ..... ”I would like to reflect on the unfortunate demise of Senator Joyce hanging himself in the arena

        of public opinion.  Before the last election Senator Joyce and his sidekick James Baker travelled all
        over the country-side in rural and regional Queensland telling voters that if they elect him he would
        not vote to sell Telstra.  In fact, on 7 September last year Senator Joyce said:  I agree with John
        Howard on most things, but I won’t be endorsing the sale of Telstra. 
        My how things have changed in a year In fact, how things have changed in a weekend!  Senator

         Joyce now says he has done a deal, so Telstra is fit to flog.  And you can imagine the negotiation's.
        You can imagine the P:rime Minister and the Treasurer rubbing their hands saying, ‘Come in,
        spinner,’ the day Senator Joyce came to town to do a deal on Telstra.
        Let us have a look at the deal.  This is not the $5 billion package Senator Joyce asked for.  It is not

        the $5.7 billion plan proposed by the Telstra CEO. ...........  the Treasurer has a smirk and thinks to
        himself:  you only get one Barnaby Joyce in your lifetime...................................  The people of
        Queensland will square up with Senator Joyce the next time he fronts them on the ballot paper.” 

         The Senate adjourned at 7.20 pm.
Malcolm, we do in good faith thank you for your time as Prime Minister thus far taken in you reading this notice, and we do look forward to now receiving your own first-hand Prime Ministerial answers and we additionally do look forward to also receiving via yourself the well OVERDUE currently accrued restitution of Property payment sum certain amount owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory by return mail to be delivered to our below post office box address.
Honourably and Sincerely,
    Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.      
Dated:   Wednesday 18 January 2017.
In care: P.O Box 403 Geelong,
               Geelong City, Victoria. 3220
               Situated within the Commonwealth of Australia.
Email:    [email protected]
Mobile: 0405 122 560   

                                                   Kenneth-Clyde Ivory
                                   Contact Mobile: 0405 122 560
                                             Email address:   [email protected]   
                                             C/- P.O. Box 403 Geelong, Geelong City, Victoria, situated
                                             within the Commonwealth of Australia. Post code: 3220

Personal Attention: Your Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retired),
                                     the Hon. Governor-General as Her Majesty’s Constitutional
                                     Official Representative in the Commonwealth of Australia,

In care:                       ‘Admiralty House’               
                                     109 Kirribilli Avenue
                                     KIRRIBILLI, North Sydney,
                                     New South Wales, situated within the
                                     Commonwealth of Australia.  Post Code: 2061

Telephone:                (02) 8918 4200  

Dear Sir Peter Cosgrove,                                             Dated: Friday 09 December 2016


                         BY URGENT DEMAND:

  • Re: Critical facts in Law for you to take full Notice of Constitutionally, and                      Compliantly, to ensure this overdue justice is promptly done:

As Her Majesty’s Governor-General and thereby as Her Majesty’s Constitutional Representative within the Commonwealth of Australia, Your Excellency therefore has a constitutionally duty owing to ensure to take whatever immediate steps are needed in this herein outstanding ‘critical matter’, so as to immediately ensure that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory’s human liberty protection and enjoyment of fundamental human rights are financially restored byway of the herewith financial restitution of Property owing, to be now commercially satisfied before the upcoming Christmas holiday season commences at the close of business on Friday 16 December 2016.

Your failure to constitutionally intervene in this matter up to this date and time despite receiving prior notice of this ‘critical matter’ appears to be on your part wilfully in contempt of and for Her Majesty, and of and for Her Majesty’s Court of Faculties, and/or in contempt of and for Her Majesty’s Notary Publics due to Notaries having to be Church of England and you being Roman Catholic, and the Chief Justice who swore you in also being Roman Catholic as was the Prime Minister who gave you the job as each of your religious conflicts of interests; as you were officially sworn-in to hold office as Her Majesty’s Representative, but Notaries in this fully outstand CoT Public Debt matter were Notarial sworn-in via Her Majesty’s Faculty, Head Office of the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, situated at: 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1 P3JT, the Court of Faculties Head Office.

The Court of Faculties is the Church of England’s Court of Jurisdiction for the herein Successfully Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange, and that Court’s ancient authorities are invested in Her Majesty’s Notary Publics; whose ancient but still fully valid Authority in this bill of exchange’s ‘critical matters’; is pursuant to the bills of exchange Act 1909 (Cth). Now, don’t you need to perform or resign from office?

Thereby, Sir Peter Cosgrove, it may be considered that by your failure to compliantly resolve this ‘critical matter’ yet, means that you are therefore currently wilfully aiding and abetting the herein outlined political crimes facilitated by and for implicated corrupt past and present officers of the Commonwealth.

Moreover, when I was in 2006 at the above stated address in London, the Head Faculty Officer asked me to go and see their main retained firm of ‘Scrivener Notaries’, which I did. In good faith, I presented the originals of my bill of exchange and it’s (up to then) set of ‘Financial Instruments’ including ‘Notarial Certificates’ for their expert examination and professional legal advice on my set of instruments.

The ‘Scriveners’ examined each of them and asked me questions. I honourably answered and showed supporting facts.  At the end of that lengthy meeting the ‘Scrivener Notaries’ present each congratulated me, saying the Notaries and I had brilliantly, and successfully taken some very ancient law, and some not so ancient law and some newer law, but all are perfectly valid and binding law they said.

Then the ‘Scrivener Notaries’ advised me; that, the Commonwealth of Australia must pay me the principal sum certain amount owing plus all still accruing interest and that the accruing debt sum certain does not extinguish until fully satisfied.

The ‘Scrivener Notaries’ further advised me that I may need to wait until we get an honourable and or an honest Government of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

Apparently, you Your Excellency thereby did not swear in such a government following the recent 2016 federal election.  That does not relieve you of your legal and constitutional obligation to ensure that your government upholds the law and acts at all times honourably and honestly specifically in relation to this still fully outstanding Commonwealth CoT victim ‘critical matter’. In this Constitutional Crisis!

Critical facts in summary: Include, that it was not me, but it was officers of the Commonwealth of Australia themselves, who had branded, recognised, and had internally labelled me as being a CoT Victim. Thereby since 1993, I have been defrauded and politically mistreated as if invisible to you and to each of your predecessors and to the governments of the Commonwealth of Australia, but who each were appointed by successive Governors-General, despite me being told by politicians over these years that they acknowledge the debt and that I will be paid in full restitution of my Property without need for me to go back into any courts to get paid. In fact, One Nation’s now former Hon. Senator Len Harris, witnessed this being ministerially promised to me by the then Minister, the Hon. Senator Helen Coonan right back on the 8 February 2005, as did another first-hand witness.

However, they have unconstitutionally each politically left me out of any other CoT victim’s commercial settlements, and discriminately ignored my human rights in not just 1997 and 1999 but also in 2006 floats, and they wilfully omitted to disclose that I was and that I am still a fully outstanding Casualty of Telecom (CoT) victim of the Commonwealth of Australia.  However, I note that at least eight (8) other CoT Victims were by Public Funds paid-out in restitution of their Property in 1999 to 2003.

See enclosed WARRANT FOR PAYMENT for you to honourably have the enclosed accruing Public Debt ‘critical matter’ financially remedied before this Christmas.

In 1996 at Christmas time, it was a Telecom officer of the Commonwealth (STEPHEN JOHN MEAD) who maliciously swore a materially false Complaint to illegally perpetrate fraudulent crimes of predatorily boycotting by having had me ‘Falsely Apprehended’, ‘Wrongfully Arrested’ & ‘Falsely Imprisoned’ all in Total Deprivation of My Human & Civil Liberties; all without any Warrant & without any Police Interview & without any Separations of Powers.  You and others have been noticed of these actions, but have not fulfilled your obligations to take corrective actions.

All was systemically perpetrated by MEAD and by strategically and tactically positioned officers of the Commonwealth who specifically concealed those 1996 to 2010 frauds committed by officers of the Commonwealth wilfully and maliciously perjuring themselves, and by gross misuse and abuse of combined powers to illegally and unconstitutionally perpetrate their crimes designed to persecute and destroy my business standing and reputation globally not just nationally with their systemic and collusively engaged in premeditated intents to maliciously inflict maximum ongoing loss, injury and damage to financially destroy my businesses markets and me, and to financially profit themselves from proceeds of their crimes.

Past Cabinet members, strategically STACKED and RIGGED not just the Judiciary, without affording and to prevent any separations of powers, but also the Australian Stock Exchange (the ASX), ASIC, the ACCC, the RBA Board, and the APRA board and the ACMA, to collusively assist dishonourable Cabinet members to thereby collectively deceive and mislead investors and We the People by them falsely manipulating the stock markets globally and by having wilfully defrauded me.  

Cabinet members engaged in dishonest, illegal insider trading and market manipulation frauds during the Commonwealth’s Telstra share floats by proceeding to sell off encumbered shares ‘without market and without public disclosure’ of my set of financial encumbrances duly placed over and recorded under seal over the Commonwealth’s, then Telstra held shares, being dumped without any full and or proper financial liability disclosures; so that they would procure falsely over-inflated share sale converted revenue, and which share price manipulated and converted FUTURE FUND held funds, in law, are funds still owing to myself, but, then instead of paying me, they stole my funds to fraudulent misuse funds owing to me for use to pay their own superannuation from those funds duly assigned since 4th September 2006 to be paid to me.   The ‘Future Fund’ was not established until April in 2006, and ‘Notarial Certificate’ recording my ‘Lien’ placed and recorded as an encumbrance over the Commonwealth’s Telstra 3 held shares was duly recorded on 09th March 2006, being well before the ‘Future Fund’ existed.  

The floats were & still are wilfully fraudulent insider trading & market manipulation crimes fraudulently perpetrated by Cabinet members during the Commonwealth’s own Telstra share floats, so that they could and can themselves now be able to profit by and from the proceeds of their own market manipulation fraud, theft, and crimes, to fund themselves in their own retirements via the purported FUTURE FUND.

They also engaged in acting in abuse of and in misuse of Legal Proceedings for over two (2) decades perpetrated by officers of the Commonwealth to further injure and defraud me, all strategically designed to wilfully pervert & conceal the truth by defeating & perverting the course of justice, all for their own political ends.

Those political wrongdoings were and still are very serious White-Collar-Crimes that have been committed by dishonest officers of the Commonwealth to falsely character-assassinate me, their herein victim; and to hinder and delay to pay restitution of Property owing to me on just terms. By your silence, you are now aiding and abetting in protecting and concealing their crimes and their criminality from the Authorities and from the voting public and from stock markets globally.

Everybody has a birth right to reach their full potential without such political and predatory boycotting and without such political persecution being strategically and falsely committed to omit making any full and proper market and public investor disclosures, all are political crimes by Cabinet Members to delay paying restitution of Property owing to me, thereby repeatedly handballing me to the next government; ever since. No one has had the necessary integrity to do their job.

Their past fraudulent wrongdoings in 2016 are still covered-up by current Cabinet members and by implicated officers of the Commonwealth of Australia including by you, the Governor-General, by your own total silence for the last six plus months.

It is reported that Prime Minister Turnbull recently said in New York:-

       “We are not defined by race, religion or culture, but by shared political values
         of democracy, the rule of law, and equality of opportunity – a ‘fair go’.”

However, the salient fact is that I do have a Successfully Notarial Protested Bill of Exchange public debt owing to me; as duly awarded to be paid to me by the Commonwealth of Australia, and duly signed to be paid to me by Treasury and by Finance and Ministerial; so repeatedly I have been politically and also by officers of the Commonwealth told, I will be paid, and Ministerially promised I will be paid without having to go back to any courts to get paid in restitution of my Property.

Hence, enclosed is a WARRANT FOR PAYMENT for the accruing debt to be paid to me from via the RBA Acceptor Bank once honourably and duly sealed by you under the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia. As the 2014 ‘Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands’ is officially recorded & duly awarded in my favour against the Commonwealth of Australia; and the accruing Public Debt, the bill and its binding set of Financial Instruments do not extinguish until all is fully satisfied.

I have also been officially given several Treasury and Finance duly executed warrants of undertakings for me to be paid.   So why have you, Sir Peter Cosgrove, unconstitutionally thus far been unjustly denying me a “fair go?” Thus far I have not even received any invites from you, the Treasurer, the Finance Minister and or from Prime Minister to meet face-to-face to commercially remedy this ‘critical matter’.

In February 1994, I successfully had Patent Protections locked-in for my latter INVENTIONS, which were successfully registered in 93 Peace Treaty Countries, not just within the Commonwealth of Australia.  Prior to finding the 1800 prefix faults.

Thereby Sir Peter, IP Australia’s own Commonwealth Records do provide proof of my INVENTIONS and Intellectual Property destroyed by public funded decades of unjust and unconstitutional criminality. Which INVENTIONS also successfully reached market fruition, proven to be a very energy efficient sun protection; which NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL MARKETS Consecutive Governments have in effect defrauded those MARKETS from my family and me, and which wrongdoings resulted in the premature death of my wife in 2007 at only 53 Years of age.

Your Excellency, an investigative process available to you to pursue or have pursued is that all funds taken from the people’s economy, having to be spent by government or spent via government employee use funds, may, on the order of juries require all funds to be FROZEN, Audited and Fully Accounted for at any time. 

Because all taxpayers, and all citizens as Lawful Sovereigns and all other contributors and all creditors, Governor’s of the escalating cost of government, and of its agencies and structures have absolute justification and power at any time to prosecute and to have proper juries to independently judge the motives and actions or inactions and or any wrongdoings of those who wield such power.

Juries may investigate all government personnel, and all taxation laws, trial courts (judges) appeal courts (judges); as the Law of the Land prescribes a particular Justice System by which government prosecutions are of arbitrary statues, which can be annulled; and or can be redressed by the independent (Common) Law of the Land Jury.  Such (Common) Law Trials by Jury also do provide the means for the entire expunction of unwanted statues from the roll, also for any criminals to be punished and to be fully held to account for their actions and or for their inactions.

The (Common) Law of the Land is the just legal means by which the People are obliged to do deal within our society by administering justice and by dispensing justice through Trial by Jury:  Article 39 of the Magna Carta is below paraphrased:

        “No one may be punished or disadvantaged in any way except: According
          to the judgement of his peers, or According to legem terrae (the Law of the
          Land, of which, Trial by Jury is the single legal method of trial).”

    Surely, the TRUTH only hurts those who chose to be on the wrong side of the TRUTH!

Your Excellency, I ask that you take all necessary actions to get this accruing Public Debt satisfied forthwith with RBA Payment Cheque(s) via and by you honourably now duly sealing the enclosed ‘Warrant for Payment’, and once duly sealed by your hand, it then needs to be delivered direct to me and needs to be in my above postal address P.O. Box address before the close of business on Friday 16th December 2016.

Honourably and Sincerely,
    Kenneth-Clyde Ivory:      ........................                     

In addition we at Cabinet-Tactics suggest to our readers you may wish to also see:

For over the last two (2+) decades The State of Queensland has Administratively Defectively Failed to honourably and or to honestly protect the Beneficiary; resulting in the Beneficiary having had to go outside the system and has developed a rather novel approach by issuing on 2 April 2015 a binding ‘Notarised bill of exchange’ Bill No: 6893748 for restitution of Property; after having been unjustly prevented from being able to physically earn any superannuation for himself for over the last two (2+) plus decades directly resultant by The State of Queensland's Administrative Defective Failures; which grossly unconstitutional wrongdoings were by The State of Queensland dishonestly perpetrated illegally and falsely back on the 23 December 1996; directly resultant from their officer’s fraudulent practices.

Which years of criminality on their parts has resulted in the valid herein said 2015 bill of exchange being duly issued under jrisdictional notarial seal as was duly served via Registered Mail as duly witnessed officially by an Australia Post Officer as having been Officially Accepted on 9 April 2015 by the State of Queensland via the said State’s Treasurer; the Hon. Curtis Pitt MP himself by and via person to person Registered Mail; and that Bill of Exchange is also Commonwealth duly sealed via DFAT on the 2 April 2015 as Public document No. MFAF7653.


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